BTW, armadillos was thrown together and I had none to very little experience with uv texturing. also it was made for a sphere related SPEED GAME MAKING CONTEST. so screw you, because I made it and it won first place. plus i added that love in christ thing as a joke. so whatever.


ok doogs, first of all, im just as involved with the community now as you are, maybe even more, because your just insulting my game, not giving me any advise or criticism, your just makin yourself look like a jackass…and i NEVER said that it was the best looking, i know its not, it is more complex than alot of blender games though…im DEFFANINTLY not trying to “destroy” the community, and I know full fledged games take a long time to make, Appocolypse took about 6 months, but just imagine if more people made longer, more complex games, and tried to get them commercial quality, like im doing to my next game…maybe even one of us would be nomanated for an independent game award or something like that, that would be great for blender! and the community! the world would start to respect blender made games alot more readily. Im not saying that demos arent good, there great! im just saying that TUDBZD strives to make more complex, and commercial quailty games, and maybe other should try and do the same…anywho, yup its a platformer! and doogs, i didnt mean for Appocolypse to get this much hype, it just happened, and you can only know so much about a game by 9 screenshots, you havn’t even played it, and you say its trash! Anywho, thanks to you all that are giving me constructive critisism, and support :slight_smile: , the games coming along nicely, it should be nearly done by this weekend!

peace out 8)

(p.s., your right about one thing though, i absolutely suck at speling…er…spelling)

aw poor doogs don’t get mad just know how your behavior effects others. gentlemen keep pluggin on those games!

tmtechie i think thats enough, i know that ur trying to defend TUDZ, but your comments (towards doogs) are as bad as doogs if not worse. One thing i cant stand is a hypocrits, you told doogs not to talk mack about TUDZ game then you go around and do the same thing to doogs

haha please enough with the smack talk - like your “armidillos” are anything compared to those models and if i remember correctly i knocked your ship in smash blaster and all you did was make it smaller. move on and leave christ at the door… oh no not another religion debate what have i done. your imaginary god will not save you.

And taunt doogs continualy

aw poor doogs don’t get mad just know how your behavior effects others. gentlemen keep pluggin on those games!

when were you going to finish your games there doogie howser?

Ur just escalating the problem, so stop it.

ok, ive had about enough of this! :x Why we all fighting for? its not getting us anywhere! lets just stop bringing up the past, and choosing sides…this forum is mean to trade knowledge and ideas, not insults…im done arguing with you doogs, so if anyone wants to know more about Appocolypse, or wants to keep updated on its development, then keep postin, otherwise your wastin your time. I dont mean any offence towards any of you, but i think its just rediculas that we keep bickering back and forth…

i really love it when dumbasses (not mentioning names :expressionless: ) take it upon themselves to call sides after the war… first off your quotes are out of order, second i was only messing around and doogs should know that with the intrest i have shown in his current project, third if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen, and last this rant was called to an end with anticipation for BOTH projects.

some people are who they are around here and procede to be so because of their clout… never called out. they make fun and pout, without a doubt. a who cares sourkraut. slap em with a trout.

oops forgot the :wink: and the :stuck_out_tongue: %|

It iz so rediculias that oui ar phiting. iz thar no escapp from war?


/me detects flame war…

Somebody lock this post now!

Yo all you know Jones, i just be bustin yo bonez.
It be coo, yo: I graduated from high skoo.

No flame war here, we ain’t a pack o queers.
Jeeah, boy. s’what i thought.

tubz i was just flapping your noodle, poodle.
I want you to come into mirc and hand over the game
so i can play it. It looks fun :slight_smile:
da’s rite, ho!

you know i was brooding your hens. cmon man.
git wit the game. jeeeah dont pretend you got no shame.

kid peace

Misses Doogsy Q.

Yo by mistake i posted a replay so i edit it out.



Soap on a rope, i dont smoke dope
yee boy we got lots of hope.
cuz we make blenda games to put others to shame
juh juh jeah they dont have a praya
cuz dey dont werk on full commercial quality
and dey dont got girlfriends who be pretty.



dont quite your day job doogs…j/k!, thats actually a pretty cool rap, its alot better than i could do! wow, that was one heated argument for awhile there (it was actually kind of entertaining at times too! :slight_smile: %| ) anywho, ill keep you all posted about appocolypse untill i finish it, then you can just go to the website to check out any new updates on my current projects…whew i have alot of hours of work ahead of me this weekend, so i gotta go…yo, and i drop yall some info, WHOA, now yall got me in this rap game, but my rapskillz be so bad i never come to fame, its just lame…uh…sorry, i couldnt help it! haha…

yeah boy it’s terminator x! haha cracking me up. :wink:

My game is turning out good. But im not going to hype it. at all. it looks commercial too :slight_smile:


My game is the best game ever made, sriously man, really. NO ONE CAN MATCH MY AWESOME GOODNESS! When my game is done it will be wonderful. There is no telling that when it is released you will all bow before me.

Keep in mind that if its not the best game ever, I wont release it:)

Meaning, it will never get finished or come out :expressionless:

just playin.