news group search issue

Is it me or can you not search for words with two letters on elysiun, i.e. UV???

I was wishing to combine a seach for ‘python and UV’ but was suprised by the results. Further suprised by the results when I got nothing back at all for UV. Tried ‘UV AND UV OR UV’ still nothing :wink:

I kinda understand this restriction but can the admin guys consider a tweak to allow UV as a search item.

p.s. google kinda works for those that need to search on UV, e.g. “python uv” - but also returns every article in the python forum than has the text UV!! Grrr

This has been brought up before and there were reasons for not fixing it though I can’t remember what they were. Since then I’ve made a point of typing UVMap or UVMapping so it is searchable, and I see others do it too.


phpbb doesn’t let you search for words shorter than 2 letters [and certain 3 letter words, try doing a search for “the”]

timothy doesn’t want to modify phpbb [even if the modifications are trivial] because he would need to remember to apply the same modifications after upgrading [for new features or security fixes]

[disclaimer: I am not timothy, I’m trying to repeat what he has said from memory]

in google you can exclude pages that contain particular terms, if you don’t want to search the python form also include -“Blender Python & Plugins” in your search [the minus sign excludes pages with that term]

though admittedly, searching for “uv” doesn’t get you a whole lot of useful things. You should find out rather quickly that you are talking about uv mapping, not the other places “uv” is used

Three letter, non common, words are allowed e.g. ‘two’, but ‘two letter word search’ returned nothing useful :wink:

UV is such an important topic in 3D that this is a problem for us as a community - hense finding a solution would be preferable.

I’ll look into doing the mods for phpbb myself and submit it to them direct to phpbb. If there is a elysiun phpbb sys admin that would like to PM me as a contact it will probably help.

I’m not sure if this would work, but you could try “UV”, but you might get words like… Truvulate (Shhh, it’s hard thinking of something when you’re sick)… Or you could try “UV*”. Not sure if phpBB counts the wildcard as a letter or as a nothing…

Edit: Just tried it. Didn’t work…

You are right in saying that I didn’t want to hack phpBB for the sake up upgrading issues. That still counts though I have been thinking about changing my opinion this (as I have done with the image attachment modification).

The search functionality is becomming more and more important yet more and more of a bottleneck both from a end-user perspective as well as from a maintainer (me) perspective.

phpbb quite frankly has become a bit dated, insecure and hard to maintain. It may be worth to look into using an alternative forum software. For now my advise is to use the search with care, or use google to search elysiun.