News!! NEWS!

COREL CORPERATION has just bought over NaN’s assets for 1.26 million Euro’s. The only news to come out of it so far is that creator will be stripped of a game engine and will include raytracing. Publisher will have eveything creator does and a game engine. THIS is pretty much all that’s been planned so far- I will try to keep you informed as the news becomes available.

-sloof lirpa/Scottish Pig.

P.S.: Creator should remain free- Publisher’s cost will remain constant. (Or should so far)

Another april the 1st joke :wink: ??

Wow. Big news.
where did you find it? I didn’t see anything on blender/corel’s sites.
You sure this isn’t an april fool’s joke? :-? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if it’s of any interest to you : I bought a new blender at Walmart this very weekend and I have the bill to proove it. I can add that it is incredibly fast, even without hardware acceleration.

And why would Corel want Blender? Makes little sence. Plus, the would not allow Creator to remain free. The fact that NAN has allowed creator to remain free is the source of their popularity among the amerature market but is probably their downfall as well.

lla ot yad sloof lirpa yppah

Of course - just look at the signature. What else should “sloof lirpa” mean? :wink:


Hahaha…I thought this was serious at first, and all I could do was sigh…I’ve seen what Corel’s acquisition of Painter has accomplished, and I’m definitely underwhelmed. Corel just seems to take good ideas (even brilliant in the case of Painter), and piss them away - either through neglect (the website), or its simple insistence on staying out of touch with its customers. This is one other company that didn’t get my upgrade $$ this time around.