News on Blender 2.50 release date!

According today Blender Dev Sunday Meeting Agenda

2.50 final is going to be quite a while yet (not till July or later)
BUT there may be special Tech Preview/Peach Release. Release date is targeted for one month after peach rendering completes. A freeze for all features but the peach features in two weeks. After which bugfix mode only. (So probably no clouds or sky tools or deep shadows features :frowning: )

More details here -

Any 2.46 release will be huge anyway.

Hopefully Wizard’s tiles will finally get fully commited.

According also to today Blender Dev Sunday Meeting Agenda :

A ‘peach release’ based on current trunk will be done.
LetterRip and BDiego will manage the release.
Release date is targeted for one month after peach rendering completes.

The Peach release sounds, well, just peachy! And I was pleasantly surprised to see the first cloth implementation already in there! Will Jahka particles be in Peach Release, or not until 2.50?

Ouch, Cyborg Dragon, you missed it again. Better pull your socks up.

Great news, kind of unexpected.

This is good news !! A lot of the new features from the trunk could be really nice having in a official, stable release.

Many people have been asking when it will come out, and now we can wait for it. So, everybody, wait till the new version is released.

BTW, this kind of information is why I read the meeting agenda on wiki, it’s almost always full of surprises.

Since Peach is using SVN trunk, and Jakha’s particles have been in trunk for months, the yes, I think Jakha’s particles will be included.

just build source and you’ll have whatever state 2.5 is in right away

A release means special time allocated for debugging, documenting and just generally cleaning things up.

It also means distros can update their package manager and don’t have to rely on some silly dated checkout (I’m looking at you FFMPEG!).

More importantly, authors must have a released version for books/DVD/…


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