News on the home-page of elysiun.

How come, there are so seldom new news on the home-page of elysiun. If you come here to elysiun via you might get the impression, that there is nothing happening around here.

How about something similar to the frontpage-Pictures on This is just so great to see, which cool pictures are currently online in the forum.

Or even some news about the new blender release, or news about the Weekend-Challenge, which IMHO produces better images than those 24hour-Challenges (don’t get me wrong, some cool pictures there where on the last 24h-Challenge.)

Well. Just nagging around. What do you think about this? To much work? Just a question! :slight_smile:

btw: To put things in perspective: This is the only forum on the net I am visiting regulary. Elysiun is the best thing since sliced bread! :slight_smile:

All the people who run Elysiun are also involved in blender development and much more. Now, if someone with the available free time were to volunteer to update the news and submit it in the relevant format, I don’t think there would be a problem.


we are working on a system so people can submit new news. But currently we have to add the news to the database manually, and that works a little annoying.

changes coming soon.



if there’s already a system to post old news, then that’s fine for us too :wink:

With regards,


I hope to be able to make a public announcement for this this weekend. Coding process is going well and I’m really motivated to get this thing implemented.

Anyways,… I will only make a public announcement if it is done 90% and actually works properly.


I’m confused…

All this talk about posting information on side bars and headers on elysiun, doesn’t already do all this… and isn’t there a forum already on the site…? Is this just something you want to see done on elysiun?

I remember in the day when the entire community forum was on Then they went “belly-up” and elysiun was born. Now it seems like Blender is doing well and should stay that way. Why not go back to using Blender’s forum? Is this something does not want? Is the community gun shy that Blender might be gone again?

I believe is running a form of PHPNuke, which means it can have changing THEMES on the fly, LANGUAGE changing on the fly, a gallery like the one I’m using and dynamic content automatically generated from the pre-existing user database like last comments, news, last posts, etc… etc…

Seems like all needs is a few more forums for discussion and it has everything a user could ask for… it could even include an area for content downloads like Game Files, Textures, Models… etc…

am I missing something here?


I go to the .org site all the time and really appreciate the info. The fact is though that it is full of bugs and very often doesn’t function well as far as posting etc goes.

Don’t be confused. Most things are normally historically founded. When there was no offical blender-Website anymore after NAN vanished, there was only elysiun and a whole lot of people using blender to create cg images on their computer. Elysiun was (and is) a great place to talk about cg and art, maybe even a little more on the amateurish side. I mean, you could try to post pictures on cgtalk, but you already have to have quite some skills to get accepted on cgtalk. Elysiun is a place where people can play around with things just for fun (especially as blender is free for everyone, unlike other modellers/renderers which only are available (mostly) to people, who want to make money with it.

After blender went open source and opened, I think most people made some sort of breakup into blender-development (this happens on and art created with the blender (

E.g. just take me. I use elysiun mostly to read the finished, the wip and the WC-Sections and sometimes the plugins-Section. But seldom to never the other sections, as I think the relevant information of the other sections should be found on Don’t know how other people handle this. But thats the way I use And I love it. I would love to see more community-features on, like gallery and such.

Another point for elysiun, is the colors on elysiun are way better to show images. is IMHO way to bright (white) for this.

So, I love to hear, that there is work be done to improve elysiun in the mentioned regards. Thanks a lot. And yeehaaa for! :slight_smile: is oriented for developpers.


That is what gets confusing… so maybe I should say…



Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for upgrading… just was wondering why not use for this…?

I also use elYsiun for all my information needs… like new artwork and News and Chat… but it seems weird that we (the community) don’t use the Blender site like we use to… (forums, gallery, .blend files, etc) and I was wondering why?


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This site is for blender development, but we beed the artists here as well, to help testing, reviewing specs & features, for documentation, and show cool stuff that will inspire everyone to improve Blender.

Next to this site, will be a new site providing all info on Blender at user level, as the old NaN site had. Meaning downloads, demos, tutorials, knowledge base, learning path. But no ‘community services’, that’s reserved for other sites, like

I looked for the original post he made about this but it was probably somewhere other than the forum. Anyhow, I think everyone was happy with the arrangement at the time and it’s been that way ever since. Thanks Kib!


I will reply to this tomorrow,… it’s been talked about in the past.


More art and cg related news would be great. I might not be a great writer, but I would be more than happy to help volunteer my free time.

I think elYsiun works well as the artists and new users playground, people feel comfortable posting newbie questions and I know I feel comfortable posting my “learning cg art” images. I look through often but don’t post cuz I’m a user not a developer. Let the coders stay focused I say.

Besides a free minded app like blender deserves a free and independent site like ELYSIUN - you know you love it baby