News: PhysBAM is released

PhysBAM is a multiphysics simulation library, capable of simulating rigid & deformable bodies, compressible & incompressible fluids, coupled solids & fluids, coupled rigid & deformable solids, articulated rigid bodies & humans, fracture, fire, smoke, hair, cloth, muscles, as well as many other natural phenomena.

Kinda Meh, demo’s are cool but way to slow to download .mov from standford. check out some youtube vids instead.

Kinda big effort to do fluid, smoke and rigid+soft body physics all in one lib. Also cloth. Could it be implemented in blender besides
bullet, el beem, smoke sim, cloth sim etc. ?

Anyway source is out there,

That is awesome. It’s BSD licensed so there shouldn’t be any legal issues with implementing it. Considering so many other underlying bits of blender can be changed easily, it shouldn’t be impossible to have it as a option. If this library is truly unified, it would answer a lot of problems. We could have softbodies floating in water!

That scene where the water hits the light tower is very impressive.

Unfortunately physics is still a mystery for me so I can’t answer your question or share any thoughts on it.

mm, softbodies floating, mixing different medias like water and smoke. I found the smokesim/fire dropped to a fluidsim and make spread along the fluid sims surface also be very impressive.

currently it’s a bit tricky to mix simulations in the same domain object.

one a HUGE sidenote, one goal with physBAM is to move movie grade simulations onto GPU/CPU to be able to simulate in real time for video games. would be crazy for BGE.

this is very cool stuff.
i’m sure Jahka can use some parts for his particle work, and Erwin for the Bullet library.
and how knows… some dev might pick up object fracturing?!

I like physics, and have ported a lib from processing to haXe

targeting flash, but also in the future im aiming to target cpp. This is no way near their stuf but it would be fun to try an learn c++ and also get more familiar with C and Blenders src code.

Even then I think it would be best if module owners tries to implement.

They have nice codestructure, also holy macaronies and pasta batman!

softbody displacing fluid sim, finally becoming fluid itself (lighter than 1st fluid) and a softbody floating on fluid sim.

explosion shock waves.

blaize, code doesn’t work that way, probably almost none of it is portable to bullet physics or blender particle system – the architectures are entirely unrelated. That said the muscle simulation might make it worth integrating.

I’ve seen on twitter that ton also noticed this library :wink:

wow - breakable objects in the BGE alone would be something I would pay for!

I love how you can combine different sims – fire burning on oil that’s mixing with water. Nice.

@LetterRip, i didnt mean to imply it wasin any way copy-paste.
just that one could possibly use it as reference on how to deal with some of this high-end stuff

I’d been admiring Fedkiw’s work for years. So exciting that he release his code open source. Will be interesting to see any of it will be useful for blender =)

Hum, would be awesome for GSoC. Should we start a name petition to get it done?

  • convince bf to have it as a gsoc target
  • convince a student at stanford to integrate it with blender, preferably a student involved with physBAM so that she/he needs only to learn blender code structure.

PhD Students
Andrew Selle, Avi Robinson-Mosher, Craig Schroeder, Douglas Enright, Eftychios Sifakis, Elliot English, Eran Guendelman, Fen Zhao, Frank Losasso, Geoffrey Irving, Igor Neverov, Jared Go, Jeffrey Hellrung, Jerry Talton, Jonathan Su, Jon Gretarsson, Joseph Teran, Kevin Der, Michael Lentine, Neil Molino, Nipun Kwatra, Rachel Weinstein, Robert Bridson, Sergey Koltakov, Silvia Salinas-Blemker, Tamar Shinar, Wen Zheng, Zhaosheng Bao

Any of them students might wanna have some $$$ and should have various degree of insight into physBAM

Anybody know any of these people? I would love to see this come alive!

Mail them, and ask if they are intentioned to do the job, and how much do they want. If there is someone, open a Call for PhysBAM to see if people want give the additional money needed(since already google pays)

Wow! I didn’t know PhysBAM to be released as an open library. This is truly amazing indeed.

Considering Ron Fedkiw used to be nothing less than a consultant at ILM and AFAIK was leading the development of their unified simulation framework. It’s similar to what Nucleus in Maya or Lagoa in Softimage are, but I believe it’s even more advanced.

Anyway, tech demos are always cool and impressive, but sometimes in practice it might prove to be otherwise. It would certainly be amazing to have it in Blender, but only developers themselves can speak about implementation problems or possibilities. It’s not an easy decision since a lot of effort by Aligorith have been towards Bullet integration already. Not to mention that Bullet is a very good engine too, just maybe not as complete.


Don’t email them, they are plenty busy with their own stuff.