News?: Releasing unnamed theme into the wild


Unnamed theme

First sorry I was supposed to release this back in January. Now I’ve managed to break my Python framework (need to reinstall OSX, not in that of a big hurry yet to do it) so I can’t compile my own builds anymore. So I’m on a blender break actually.

Anyway releasing my theme, some of you might have seen screenshots of it. You can all download the startup.blend now (Sorry! there’s prolly a mess about missing scripts, just uncheck and make new default ctrl+u)

  1. download theme (right click save as)
  2. open in blender
  3. press ctrl+u to make default

Visit the theme homepage here

PS: I don’t want any donations, first I was thinking of having a donate button. But since recent events I much rather appreciate if you donated money to the people of Japan instead. Peace!

Looks very good but didn’t work with the latest build. What is the solution?

Click on the links below.

Click on the links below.

Err, I saw when doing subversion update that startup.blend.c had changed. I don’t know can’t compile anymore until I reinstall OSX. (which I will soon)

I can get a build and check it out.

It needs Python 3.2 now, so if you have 3.1 uninstall and install 3.2. I don’t think you need to reinstall the entire OS

Yeah, that’s the problem. For anyone on OSX don’t uninstall previous versions. Just let them be. OSX wan’t to keep all the python versions, and it makes seperate libs for them. You can find all in /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Version

so, what you should do I think is make a syslink to replace python from using the default OSX 2.5 framework and start using 3.2 instead.

I removed the 2.5 , 2.6 Libs entirely and did the syslinking so in the terminal when running python to get into the py console mode, it says I have python 3.2 , but I can’t run “python scons/” for SConstruct. I get build errors.

just running “scons” goes a bit better but breaks at the very end. :S

update bump*

I’ve downloaded from the builderbot r35703 and my theme now works for that revision which is pretty new (svn is at 35708) so go ahead and download the startup.blend again and give it a try!