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Since Alltaken has suggested making a single topic to post all news of what could be of interest to the community I think I’ll see if I can make this work. And so it begins
Robots have now started to take our place as waiters in resteraunts. This resteraunt of the future has two robots and is planning a third to flip burgers.
Good ole wood can make plastics stronger as this story reports. Which would allow for light super strong plastics that are biodegradable

The Wii is screwed, now that this controller is being released you won’t need a wiimote for motion sensing and the Wii is nothing more then a slightly souped up Gamecube with a motion sensing controller.
Just go and pray you don’t bomb to this thing Nintendo.

Thank you. Very much. And to AllTaken.

Those position sensing controllers need to be combined with sterioscopic (3d) glasses so you could actually, for example, see the ball coming out of the screen and hit it. And I cant wait for the strap on ones so you can do mortal kombat by actually kick, etc.

Why is everyone hyped up about a 3rd party controller for all the consoles (besides the all the consoles part ;)). These are motion tracked, sure, but will have only a few games to choose from. This is the thing people were worried about with the Wii, except Nintendo has avoided this problem by making the controller the integral part of the system. Sure these controllers are neat, but, in all honesty, who will pay for a different controller just for that kind of game: A seperate Golf club, Baseball bat, bowling ball, tennis racket, light saber; It’s just a ploy to make money. The wii remote can do all of those (and accruately, only the pointer function isn’t exact) in one device.
This is the kind of thing that has been spewing out of toy manufacturers for years, and the kind of thing that the Gyroscopic Sidewinder controller for Microsoft was: a Gimmick.

The Wiimote is the future.

Hold on Tight,

That article about the wood and plastic is misleading. Adding wood to plastic won’t make the plastic biodegradable. Only the wood part will biodegrade. The plastic will still be plastic, only tiny pieces.

If you’re interested in the encroachment of robots in the world, keep a regular eye on this blog. Lots o’ neat stuff there, IMO.

I find the Wiimote thing kind of stupid myself. I’m just not used to swinging a want stick around and i’m better with a normal controller. These controllers however have a shape that makes sence for the kind of game they’re designed for. I’m sure people will buy them if they’re cheap.

It would be nice if say one of those controllers is bundled with a couple of games that use that kind of controller. Then again, I wouldn’t want 10 different controller’s for 10 different games lying around the house.

True, that, but non-degradable plastic is somewhat of a misnomer, most plastic will degrade, especially if exposed to UV radiation (sunlight). If those very small pieces of plastic avoid being buried in a landfill, they will break down faster than if they were large chunks. Still, we are probably talking decades instead of centuries to complete the process.

More news

Can’t explain it well, but an important step towards fusion energy
Scouring the web for articles, videos, images ect… A new software could generate news broadcasts hosted by a computer generated character
A ridable mechanical lion robot, loud as a lawn mower, but can carry a person around.

A chip implanted in the motor cortex can act like a second one, recording every movement and use it to simulate the development of new neural pathways.
Can’t explain it well, but an important step towards fusion energy

Well, interesting research anyway. Z-pinches are always fun.
Advanced holographic display in a pyramid shaped structure. Allows 360 degree viewing and isn’t just some green display.

As more information comes in from satalites and missions the need for computing power increases, here it states that the first space based supercomputer will have a test mission in 2009
With this device using electrodes to the face and neck you could theoretically mouth the words in english only to come out in spanish.
A system which allows you to sketch furniture in the air and then have a rapid prototyping machine create it. More artsy then useful but its some cool stuff.

Robots are starting to take over hospitals (in Japan at least). Two robots, one that gives directions and another that carries bags, are now working at a Japanese hospital.
A machine which takes exhaust heat and throws it back into the engine. Which can theoretically triple fuel economy and cut pollution by 90 %

An all optical approach to sending information around the world

“We are talking about 100 million-million hertz. Even a little slice of that is a big bandwidth. You can pack in a lot of channels. It’s also cool that you can access information across the globe so fast. Packs a lot of information, travels in almost no time - those are the advantages of optics,” Gopalan added.

The program used here will allow your computer to learn how to correctly name images, it’s not perfect but a good start.
Imagine being bed ridden, but your muscles do not have to waste away, that’s becoming reality according to the article
A memory aid for the hard of memory. Using the brain’s phonological loop to record short pieces of audio and play it back using an inner voice.…-reactor-motor
A machine which takes exhaust heat and throws it back into the engine. Which can theoretically triple fuel economy and cut pollution by 90 %

Bollocks. The video says the main fuel is water. Think about this for a moment, now think about the plausibility of it. I’m guessing ~0.

not really a news but a cool site that somebody used to test my connection speed after installing a sorenson VP-200 in my apartment.
Paint with lasers on any surface, not the world’s best technology, but fun.

In the drive to release energy from fused atoms, the Sandia Z Machine mentioned turned a diamond sheet into a pool of liquid.

This breakthrough in T-rays could revolutionize detection of disease, read farther and it can be used for explosive detection
This energy curtain can capture sunlight during the day and show it as a glowing pattern at night

A jet quiet enough to only be as loud as a washing machine, while it doesn’t say the decibel amount the idea of flying in a plane of that design is a cool concept.

A new way to put carbon nanotubes on surfaces, this new way may lead to a revolution in electronics and nanotechnology.
Microsoft creates virtual cities out of photos, By the end of 2007 you can take a tour of 100 textured cities internationally in 3D without leaving the computer

Hello everyone, the Dragon’s news stream is now back.
Room render is an intelligent system for controlling electronics and other things with just your voice. The system will supposedly be able to detect mood and alter the ambience accordingly
Printing muscle and bone tissue may soon be reality based on the work the people here are doing. This is the first system that can lay down multiple cell types.
Imagine having instant-on computers or a fancy computer application in your hand. If phase change memory becomes commonplace this may be a reality. So much for flash memory.