NewsFlash: Render stats for Ratatouille

Just found this on a newsgroup, posted by a guy from pixar…

Hi All.

i thought this might interest a few of you… here are the data stats around Ratatouille for your consumption.

  • General render farm usage was around 3100 cores.
  • Each node had 4 cores and used 16GB of memory. (Linux Boxes)
  • Ratatouille model and animation data was around 5 Terrabytes
  • The “average” frame render time was about 6.5 cpu-hours.

This data is being made public in the coming days, so you have the scoop, and i have permission to share it.


No wonder why the Peach renders aren’t up to Pixar quality, it would take forever to render Pixar quality without the Pixar-size render farm:p

That would take a while to render though if each frame is render on a single CPU then the rendering features used could be handy for stills making.