Newspaper education section cartoon header

I created an education section header that was to feature local teachers for a client newspaper. This was produced over a year ago when I was still picking up Blender basics. I rendered it with the original Yafray and would like to eventually re-create this project with better UV textures and specular/displacement mapping. The link is to the low resolution version on my flickr page. I also have a 3,000 pixel version available.

Chris Hovey


Just a few things:

  • I personally want that pencil sharpened!

  • The worm needs a bit of a hole to stick his head through. At the moment it looks like he was stuck tot he apple with glue.

  • there is some strange texturing on the side… ?

Can we see the material setting settings for the apple?


Yes, a sharpened pencil would definitely add some character. I was in a rush when I modeled this last year to meet a deadline. Plus, I was fighting with the original internal Yafray render settings :slight_smile: You’re correct, the worm body is too uniform, smooth, and it should have a rough hole around him as well. My modeling skills left a lot to be desired then. Hopefully they have improved over the past year and a half.

I’ll see if I can find the original scene file and I’ll let let you know. I want to redo this scene and render with V-ray so I need to find it regardless.

Thanks for your input!