newspaper rig?

Hey guys

I’m wondering what the best approach is to animating a newspaper. It has to fold out,
and have the pages curl. Pretty much a realistic newspaper.

So I’m thinking, do I just put joint chains in it, and throw a subsurf modifier in too?
Or would softbody dynamics be better?

Here’s a photo, its pretty basic, like my knowledge of Blender.

With softbodies like this:


I have rever used SoftBodies, but I would try to animate the paper with a simple bone chain for turning the pages, and lattice modifier for the deformation of each individual page.

pkblender : yeah softbodies like that.
But seeing as I’m more of a “hand-keyed”
kind of guy - I think bones and a lattice might make me more comfortable.

Procedural stuff like softbodies kind of scares me, though that clothing thread is pretty cool.

Ok so I have this plane rigged with two bones. Each bone parents a lattice.

But whenever I try and link this file - the lattice doesn’t proxy properly. Instead of
getting the same lattice I had in the library file - I get a cube ( the original was a rectangle ) and it can’t deform anything.
Its not a big deal just to animate within the library for this project - but I’d like to know for more complex projects in the future.

Here’s a pic of the lattice. Note the lattice originally encapsulated one half of the paper.

Ok guys here’s some results.

First I skinned the entire paper with two bone ( one for each side ).
I then put lattices on each side, and parented each lattice to its respective bone.