Newton's Cradel

Hey, this is my first post on this blender website and also my first blend, I’m almost done with it but I was hoping for some final suggestions, please go easy, it is my first time;)


Very nice render, but there’s some really nasty aliasing going on in the reflection on the ball in the foreground. Is this Blender Internal or Yafray?

Go easy???

But it looks really good. That’s what you’re supposed to say when it sucks.
I like it - very simple, clean, implied action.

Softer shadows, that’s what it needs mostly. And better anti-aliasing probably… other then that it’s way better then the first stuff I made ^^

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If you’re using evironment map reflection pump up the resolution to help with the aliasing, if not I guess crank up the OSA. Area shadows wouldn’t suck either. Generally great, though.

sup otto riis,

I would change the camera angle slightly so that the ball in the air is not outlined by the frame in the background. It kinda messes with the perspective :spin: But other than the aliasing that is looking good. If you feeling up to it some motion blur would look cool on the ball, would increase the implied movement…:wink:


How do you help get rid of the jagged lines in the reflection:confused:? The anti-aliasing is at full. Would increasing the subsurf on the sphere help? Also on the base, you can see the sides, how to you reduce that, with subdivide? The verticies on the Cylinder are full. Please if anyone knows! Also…

I used Blender’s internal renderer

Not sure about this but what is the octree raytracing resolution on (It’s at the bottom of the render tab)? Try turning it as low as possible… I could be wrong on this though :spin:


very nice!