newton's cradle

Aiming for semi realism, choose a newton’s cradle to model as my science teacher mentioned it sometime ago and I felt it was a pretty interesting object.

one: you used the wrong tag.'s%20cradle.jpg

for pictures you must use ![picture location](picture location).

edit: it doesnt work :-? . just copy and paste.

very nice but why is the reflection gold. shouldn’t t be silver?

Image should work now. As for the goldish/yellowish reflection, I have no idea. I might experiment on that one, but since this is a finished work, I probably won’t change it. Thx.

Everything is nice and shiny and I do like it but there’s one thing, if you look at a newton’s cradle the balls should not be that close to the floor in resting position.

Newton’s cradle? Then shouldn’t they be apples? :wink:

You may have just given me an idea.

And why not?
Not every single Newton’s Cradle on the surface of the planet has to look exactly the same!

I personally think it looks nicely stylised and stuff…

set the mirror depth higher on the floor that should fix it.