Newton'z Apple- Animated Short

Hi all! This is a WIP thread for Newton’z Apple, an animated short that a couple of friends and I are slowly hacking away at.

I origionaly had the website up in this post, but it became obselete, so I am just going to post my progress images here.

Here is the latest image of Newton. What do you think?

awsome animation of the apple . but the apple rocking should effect lighting on it

Here’s part of a christmas ornament I made. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Thanks everyone! let me know what you think!

I adore the characters you’ve posted here and all. But the website isn’t very well planned. Backgroundimages at 900kb makes the site not only heavy to load for some people but also quite heavy to just LOOK at, scrolling down in FF feels a bit laggy (that on a fairly fast, well at least average system).

A background for the content itself would be highly advisable too, it’s hard to see what is written as it is now.

So why do I say this? Because the intro with flash was SO much better than the rest of the site, so you’ve proven to be able to produce good webstuff already.

Hello everybody! I know none of you know me except CoreyAvitar
but my name is Aaron Sorensen and I am one of the guys working on newtonzapple so I will try to keep you guys updated at all times.
First off we had a meeting and CoreyAvitar and I fixed the Gallery Part of the site, and hope to fix the others aswell. So go check it out!
oh and here is an animation of my title. Enjoy*
Made in Adobe After Effects. And more soon to come!
:wink: -Aaron

Updated the top Post!

I like the general style, very jimmy maidens-esque. Soft and warm. BTW I get the 404 error when I click the title sequence link. The characters look good right now.
I ve started a WIP with some characters loosely based on one of the Boring 3D pieces. Its a similar style. Mind checking it out sometime? Its the Finger Guys thread.
Anyway, as I said, the characters are looking good. If you ever need any help, Im here.
Keep it up man

Yah, sorry, the old posts and links are broken :frowning:
I just saw your anim drew! I like the characters, and good animation, I respect the fact that you are finishing projects as well, it takes me forever to finish anything.
Good Luck!
Keep krackin’ away, I will at mine too.

Very, very cute