Newyork 1970 subway train-anim added

2Nd page for updates…textures showing and renders :slight_smile:

thats awesome man im lovin it

another little update :slight_smile:


Aidan: thanks man :smiley:


Really, really nice.
I like the detail…

Looking forward to an update! :slight_smile:

HD render :slight_smile:

only taking 3 mins to render :stuck_out_tongue:

think ill start on the buildings soon, any suggestions for what else i could put in?

mandoragon, CD38 and the rest in the team feel free to post all your models for city here :slight_smile:

hey this will be a long way off but when u texture the trains can i do some graffiti design?

Aidan: sure man, be more than happy to let you, i was thinking the old style black outline and white fill graffiti, but any style will do, the train is gona be old, rusted, wrecked, and part of it hanging of the track so go wild on the graffiti :smiley:

ill have another HD render up soon
here it is

some more updates, hmm dunno where to go from here. i tried modeling the buildings but it just aint working. so for now there just cubes.

C+C welcome

wow ,thats awsome good job Daniel i love it

some new renders…

A - mazing
Wait a second while I get my jaw up from the floor.


N3Wb1E: thanks man, glad you like it :slight_smile:

ok so ive been doing some tests, and with out AO i dont like it, what would be the best way to light the scene, i want it miday light, very bright, and dry looking. should i use spot lighs and sun lamps??? help me please :stuck_out_tongue:

ill have some more renders up soon and also renders of indivdual stuff, to show of the detials.

here is an update!

the lighting is quite bad, and there isnt many details. they will be coming soon

please check out my request thread in the 3D discussion part, are team is in need of a 2D texture artist.
thanks :slight_smile:

hehe im back…feel like im spamming up the forum :frowning: lol

here is another render, i need C+C on it since its close to be completed (the buildings need adding tho :P). anyway see anyhting wrong or dislike about the image. bearing in mind it will be seen at 25fps so there wont be need for much more detail.

hey all

here are some texture tests. this is my first real attempt at a texture and its a 2048x2048 texture map (180 meg :eek:), here is a sample of what the texture looks like in PS. its only a sample image, the actaul texture map is huge!

Example image:

ok so im still looking for a texture artist, and aidan can you start working on some graffiti for me please, PM me for more information.

arghh so last night making rust materials went to waste…anyway large texture for rust; Other images there but that picture was quite good. You could always take it into photoshop and use the clone brush and add it to your design.

thanks mandoragon, ill add that to a layer on the train…hmm now how should i go about adding the rust? alpha channel type thing with a brush?..

have you still got the rust materials, cos i could always create a stencil texture in PS and use nodes to apply the rust :slight_smile:

ill have a render up soon, with the textured train and the crushed car :smiley:

crushed car test, the car had a diffrent material so it looks overlit but ive fixed it.

i think the modeling is nearly done, the scene is weighing in at 12 minutes for this render, and with all the materials were talking 30mins to 1 hour for a render so i think we better cap the poly count (its 500k so far :O)

anyway here is the render…

im also gona have a heavy locomotive lying on the ground since the passenger train has collided with it and pushed it over, and destroy part of the railway track. changed my mind about the buildings, most of them will be textured instead of modeling.