Next Bike WIP, Northshore <update2 at top>

heres my next bike wip, now that im finished with my last one! its pretty early in developement, please tell me what u like, dislike, and how to make grass!! (wood texture sucks, im workin on it, if youve got a good one, please hand it over!)[/img]

Looks good skeletor,…I would just make your own texture in blender the same way that I made the door, which is, make a wood texture in blender, on a long rectangle, copy the rectangle a bunch of times, and each time you make a new copy, hit ‘U’ and choose ‘materials and tex’, the go into the texture buttons, and make some slight adjustment of the turbulence or whatever so that one board does not resemble the next, stack them together, make a render of them, and there’s your board texture.

what do you think of that wood tex? ^^at top^^

edit, lol, check out the dof caused be jpeg compression haha

NorthShore eh, you wouldn’t be from Vancouver would you Skeletor?


nope, im actually from california (damn hippies) they jus call em northshores for some silly reason

heres an updatewith some trees. it needs more color, anybody have any ideas?[/img][/quote]




hell, even poison ivy

(what are you trying to do? what is this refrence to bike?)

Grass ? %|

Probably the quickes way to do kind of procedural grass ( ok more moss) would be to vertex paint your terrain (randomly distributed different greens for the grass and browns for path, grays for some stoney areas) and to add a bump map with procedural clouds texture (noisesize set to 0.000).

You may want to add another clouds texture (noisesize set to a higher value) as a stencil layer for another bump map to make the bums less uniform.

Looking pretty kewl :smiley:
Except the trees branchs don’t like to good, tey need to actualy be connected. Unstead of just stuck in.

update with grass at top

It’s looking good, but your grass appears to be growing out of a grid. I use Bantam3D free grass generator to make grass, though you also have to get a program to convert it, like accutrans. Anyway, you can’t make good grass from flat planes like that. It should have at least three segments, and probably an edge down the middle, too, and have a slight random lean to it.

changed grass a bit, wut do u think? (thers a few that come through rocks, not enough time to render them fixed)


It looks a little better, but there are those three that line up in a row, which you should change,…to get some more density, I would take the biggest clump you have currently, duplicate it a couple of times, join them, and then start duplicating that a few times. That should flesh it out a bit. Your wood texture looks pretty good btw. I like the dirt tex too.

hey, this is me jus messing around with the ground, trying for good grass, and getting pretty good ground, wut do you think, the render time is outrageous, cause its amazingly high poly

(20000 polys)

I’m having trouble seeing your last picture, probably because of a gamma issue with my monitor, dunno, it appears black. In the ‘brighter’ version of your pic, there’s a slightly visible ‘checkered’ look to the ground in some places. I’m not sure what causes that. Otherwise, the track itself looks great so far, and the texture on the ground is well done too.