Next Blender contest?

I know about Blending Life, so on but other than BWC at the end of the year, what else?
I mean, we should have a lot of contests… :slight_smile:
(Not that I would win any anyway…)
So any Blender contest you know about, here’s where you post about it.

…huh, interesting…

Actually a week ago we organiced a small contest with christmas/newyear theme but almost nobody seemed interested…

Is the 1st b.m.p.s. contest.

'Hope you find it interesting.

Man, you should add to the first prize also free registration on Wikipedia… :smiley:

There’s the Blender F1 Comp starting in March, and if you’re into tanks there’s a competition running till February for them, do a search in either the News or Off Topic sections for tank and you should find it. There’s probably others as well.

There are other competitions outside of this particular community (like the big Steampunk one at ) for which Blender can be used.

Although the ones here are good fun. I will finish one at some point… Next F1 maybe?

Heard of the SteamPunk. Not that I can even come close.
I want to make a contest!!!

Heck, what’s wrong with the weekly weekend challenge and the weekday challenge? And now the redone animation challenge. There’s plenty fillers for in between the big ones.

No prizes. :smiley:

dont forget abuot the speed modeling contests!!!
ok so theres no prizes but you get really good at blender if you do enough. its good practice

of cource SMC’s are cool, but u never know how long they actually took

The cheaters are only cheating themselves in those cases. Also the IRC SMC bot is pretty strict i believe; and doesn’t allow people to submit their entries late. It is a very cool bot.