Next blender open movie project

I hate to be the one that starts this thread, but I am really interested in hearing more about the next open project. Isn’t it going to be a short action movie with lots of explosions and cool stuff like that? I am guessing we will get more info after yo Frankie. Does anyone have any info???

Take a look at the sheets. I thought it, too.
The next movie is about “monsters and muscles”
And after that a next movie is with fire and explosions.

I think it should be combined. Specialy with the nice physics and volumetrics work is going on.

I`am glad that at the moment there is project which could be used as an excuse to not terminate 2.50…

I guess we ll find out at this year 's Blender conf.

I am looking forward to this.

Anybody to take some videos for a poor guy with no airline tickets? :smiley:

I thought I heard plans for 2.50 were to be discussed fairly soon.

And last I heard 2.50 is supposed to be completed before the next Open Project.

Durian!!! To begin after 2.5 is released. Something a sixteen-year-old boy would like to make. Fire, explosions, monsters… Thats what I’ve heard numerous times from Ton.
Can’t wait!

@CD: Don’t doubt it; What u heard is right. :stuck_out_tongue:
@koots2: If u already know about Durian, maybe u know about a rumour about something called, “Mango”. (VERY DISCREET! NOTHING HAS BEEN RELEASED ABOUT IT!) In fact I even sent Ton a email, asking if there will be a “secret” project mango…He said (very mysteriously), Whatever info is to be released, it will be released on our site! (Followed by a INTRIGUING SMILEY!!!) (The email part is true, but we’re not sure about IF Mango will come)
The rumor is that Mango will focus on Live action compositing… Only vague rumors… :confused: We’ll find out… Right after…Project Durian!

… Maybe i’m wrong but my guess is that 2.50 will be developed DURING Durian production. So 2.50 would be officially out right with/after Durian… Almost like 2.47 & BBB and 2.48 & Yo Frankie.

Probably cvs builds will come out during 2.50 developing, but i don’t expect 2.50 to be finished before Durian… Simply because (my guess is that) Durian will probably start by ends of this year or begining next year… That’s not enough time to get 2.50 done and production ready…

Bottom line, be patient :slight_smile:

They always do development during the projects(thats the whole point)
But they sad they would start the project after 2.50.

I guess they will develop 2.51 during durian :stuck_out_tongue:

2.50 will bring the new refactors of the event system and the GUI.
But for Durian they also need more features, so i also think that will come in a 2.51 release. First the refactor then the features.

Well, speaking of Durian I kind of hope it will be just like a Cinematic Intro for a videogame, ala warhammer or star craft. That’d be amazing and also attracting the right people :wink:


Who the hell cares as long as make blender better in the process.

Here’s an article posted on Blendernation in Feb 08 with a video where Ton fields user questions, and he also gives some details about Durian:

Mention of Durian at: 3:57

And Oh yeah, TOn said they Will not start project durian till AFTER 2.5 is officially released(C’mon just give them a 2.49 guys! It’s worth the wait…(And they definataley will do a bugfix. )

I am looking forward to when the blender foundation makes there first feature film. I think it is entirely possible, it will just take more money more people and more time. But the outcome could be amazing.

It wouldnt do Blender any favors if the BI switched from software developer to movie studio. Numerous small projects are not only more practical to fund and complete in a timely manner, they allow focus to constantly shift to different areas for more diverse tool development, and allow development to be redirected based on community feedback and submitted patches.

Personally, I think BI should do a comedy short, something like Benny Hill, that would be freaking sweet!

I think the next ‘big’ (in terms of usability, not effort coding) thing should be some wizards (or daemons for the *nix crowd). So when you create a new material, you can either do it old-school or just pick from a colour palette of e.g. 32 colours, then a tick box for ‘refelective’. for ‘transparent’ and maybe another few options.

Do that for a few of the features and suddenly you have a much easier interface for new users.

It’s also be nice to be able to apply settings to a scene (so when you decide you want that last work cartoon rendered you don’t have to change each of the 50 materials individually).

Couple that with the ability to customise the user interface to lessen the learning curve from other apps, and Blender has the potential to double (or more) its userbase. The quality art will follow the numbers.