Next blender open movie project

Do not worry guys. Blender conference is coming in just a few weeks. I guess there will be announced details in matter.

What’s with the obsession of making Blender easy to use for newbies? Sure, it’s nice if someone gets along well with Blender, but does it really need “wizards” to reach that goal?

Do you really think a panel with 32 colors and a bunch of tick boxes will make things easier then ticking those boxes in the panel that’s already on your screen, and picking a color from the palette that pops up every now and then?

I agree about the settings though, would be a huge time saver if settings could be saved / re-applied.

I agree that right now it wouldn’t be ideal for the BI to focus on a feature film project, but its presumptuous to say it’d have no benefits at some point in the future. While the features required by a feature film (feature features? Hmm) aren’t as sexy as say volume rendering or subsurface scattering, they’d have long lasting benefits to all sorts of blender production. Things like asset management, production tracking, reliable scene referencing (datablocks in blenderspeak right?), pose libraries, take and version tracking, pipeline tools, collaberation tools… again not sexy, but important.

Furthermore this is an area that no commercial software is really tackling head on. Maya assumes studios just roll their own solutions, lightwave and max don’t bother, xsi has half-hearted workgroup and delta reference support, and as far as I know houdini has the most advanced systems in terms of scene takes and OTLs, but few are trusting them in production. Making blender really strong in these regards would turn a lot of heads.

On that topic, did plumiferos code any stuff to assist with feature production, as is any of it likely to be rolled back into the main version of blender?

The positive effect would be to hit a much broader audience than the shorts. Yet a BF feature film would be close to impossible today, or not really, let’s be more precise:
Basing on the fact that from what I heard, it takes the Pixar productions, about 400 persons for 2 years to produce a movie (they have two teams working on two movies at a time allowing them a movie release scheduled every year)

Now, the really world class artists of the blender community are just about twenty or so.
400/20 = 20
These would thus need to spend 20 times 2 years that is to say 40 years.

The average cathedral took 80 years to complete and some took over 200 years of continuous labor. The current St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome required 150 years of work to complete by 1656. More so - the cathedral in Cologne, Germany, with its two great bell towers, each bursting more than 500 feet skyward, required 350 years of work spanning six centuries.

So it’s possible but will take a while… EXCEPT as you said, with “more money”, “more people” and of course “more time”. We can imagine that after Durian and Mango, Blender will by then have a lot more experienced and creative users. But for them to give two or three full years of their time will require some minimal payment, OR at least food and shelter. The blender foundation can currently hardly welcome 20 artists. So it can only be remote work for the others… This way no shelter problem for those who already own one, otherwise, the landlord will also have to be a blenderhead. Ok, let’s admit he saw Mango and it changed his life.

Guessing the twenty elite artists, sleeping in the BF office and eating sandwishes down the building can be cheap. This leaves only the charge of two years of food expenses for 380 persons to be ordered and paid by the Blender foundation by phone, directly shipped to these blenderheads while they mutate into a new species of non socialized beings in human evolution. Is it really worth it?
I don’t know, but I have an intuition we’ll be ready to give it a try :slight_smile:

This “reasoning” is based on the Pixar workforce, but other feature length films have been produced by less than 50 people generally in four years timeframes. If the Plumiferos first generation of mutants can release their film long enough before the project after mango gets planned, maybe this option of a feature film can be considered again? But most probably not before that anyway. Meanwhile other initiatives like Plumiferos with private fundings woud seem more achievable.

Also, if such a project is to be designed, it should aim for a self contained no reference inspired universe, just like Elephants Dream which could well be developped. Originality needs to be the engine of such long term projects. Especially since confidentiality will be a problem to an open staff. Screenwriters would better start thinking about it as soon as possible.

Why don’t we just trick Pixar into using Blender? That way, they’ll have to deal with those 200 artists and all the logistics.

Instead of making it easy for the new guy why not make it better and easier to access documentation embeded in the software so instead of making the program simple for the new guy make it easy to make it easy for the new guy
and maybe do like gimp and have documentation an optional download so that way the non newb on dial up doesnt have to wait forever to download a software that will have documentation He/she doesnt need.

                 Originally Posted by <b>doncuan</b>                     [![](](                 
             <i>I think the next 'big' (in terms of usability, not effort coding) thing should be some wizards (or daemons for the *nix crowd). So when you create a new material, you can either do it old-school or just pick from a colour palette of e.g. 32 colours, then a tick box for 'refelective'. for 'transparent' and maybe another few options.

Do that for a few of the features and suddenly you have a much easier interface for new users.

It’s also be nice to be able to apply settings to a scene (so when you decide you want that last work cartoon rendered you don’t have to change each of the 50 materials individually).

Couple that with the ability to customise the user interface to lessen the learning curve from other apps, and Blender has the potential to double (or more) its userbase. The quality art will follow the numbers.

Hi everyone… just found these forums…looks awesome…I am a blender animator(not too much of a modeller to be plainly honest :o) haha…

With regards to the topic i am looking to begin a new project…going to be a 10 minute short film…still in the early early stages though…

My goal is to use my company to progress into production of a feature film in the next few years…will have to see how thing go until then though…

Got to have a big dream ey :cool: haha

You make a very good point…

Like I said in my previous post, I have ambitions towards a feature length film…obviously i am not naive enough to make a statement like that without a plan :smiley:

If you can manage to produce a mind blowing short film, surely with enough persistence you can manage to get funding from a large corporation(I am thinking television networks whom can make the most profit out of it) and you can then move on to hire a solid team which could easily put out a feature film in 2 years? I may be completely wrong here, but I do think its entirely possible…

I do agree that such features would be useful for making Blender a more popular choice for major studios. However, I do not agree that making a full length feature film is the right way to go about adding those features for several reasons.

  1. The amount of time and resources involved would be staggering. While having the BI tied up working on the movie for 3-6 years wouldnt completely halt other development, it would slow the pace dramatically.
  2. It is not necessary to spend that kind of resources to get the desired results. A smaller production could develop the tools without spending millions of dollars and years of effort on the art and production side. Even without any sort of specific project, many of the features you are looking for are being developed right now.
  3. If Blenders other features become competitive enough, studios will naturally begin to incorporate it into their pipelines. If that happens its just a matter of time before the GPL works its magic and those features find their way into trunk.
  4. It wouldnt necessarily be very effective. There is no way to make Blender perfectly compatible with every possible production pipeline ‘out of the box’. Some areas of the process could be made more efficient and easier to customize for specialized pipelines, but some customization would most likely still be required.
  5. Its not the BI’s job. While it would be nice to have Blender be the software of choice for major studios, that does nothing to give the worldwide community access to 3D.

Which is exactly what PIXAR did. They made a couple of award winning shorts that attracted the attention of Disney (among other studios). Ofcourse there were other factors involved but that’s the gist of it. What set PIXAR apart (and still does) is the quality of their story telling and I think that the Blender Foundation needs to think about doing something different that can catch people’s attention. They need to develop a style that can be consistently delivered and they need to focus first and foremost on production design, storytelling and planning. BBB was great visually and animation wise, but the tyle was derivative and the story while funny wasn’t witty or innovative. A great example of what Pixar does is Bounding, its incredibly charming and likeable and executed with the familiar Pixar style.