next challenge topic????

(blengine) #1

i need votes! what should the next weekend challenge topic be??
im kind of in a pickle trying to decide =)

most of these topics were stolen from irtc… but shhhhh :wink:
thanks to acasto for the last option :wink:


(Hos) #2

“Furby on Fire” usually makes for a good
contest topic.


(ectizen) #3

I don’t see why you’re making us choose one - I’m sure in another… umm… twelve weeks you’ll have used them all :wink:

(blengine) #4

lol ectizen :wink: thanks

ok i think im gonna choose PARODIES, thanks to acasto!, unless i get an overwheleming # of votes for something here…

(S68) #5

/me proposes new rule:

the winner of the week cannot participate to new week contest :smiley:

this way maybe someone else than imgrandpaboy would win :stuck_out_tongue:

(just kidding)


(blengine) #6

s68, yer a forum monkey!! how!!! lol… i didnt think there was anything past forum guru, awesome! =)

the winner of the week cannot participate to new week contest

thats already a rule haha =) the winner cant participate in the next week =(

(S68) #7

:o :o

Forum monkey???

Gulp, didn’t realized that!

/me goes schratching away some fleas…


P.S. it is unfair to add poll entries afterwards… I would have voted differently if I knew of new options :slight_smile:

(blengine) #8

hehehe… reminds me of the monkey in the add mesh menu =)
thats cool…i cant wait till i turn into a monkey… have u been climbing trees lately or exhibiting any odd monkey behaviour?

hmm, i think its when u hit 700, woo! im half there! :o

(ectizen) #9

Hmm… “the winner of the week cannot particapte for two weeks’ contests”…



(blengine) #10

that would suck =)

ectizen, when do u need the topic by?

(ectizen) #11

Thursday, 2230 GMT
= Australia Eastern Standard: Friday, 8:30am
= Internet: thursday @980
= US Pacific Daylight: Thursday, 3:30pm

(blenderanim) #12

What about concepts that are broad and not defined by a specific image (but could be)


But, “Girls Gone Wild” is still a good idea.

(pofo) #13

How about

“It is difficult to be sat on all day, every day, by some other
creature, without forming an opinion about them.”

  1. pofo

(SirDude) #14

I vote for: Monkey Poop!

(LohnS) #15

ooohhhh i wanted imaginary worlds, it had the most votes but im still did parody’s. oh well im will win next week and then i can make him choose it, hehe =P

(theeth) #16

I definitly think we need to use the sea subject someday. It’s so vast and inspiring (for me, at least).

PS: Monkey dee monkey doo

(SkyWriter) #17

Or seamonkey!