Next-gen AC 130 Gunship - XAC 130

So I was watching a bunch of youtube videos on military stuff like fighter jets, battleships, tanks, etc Then all of a sudden the AC130 Spectre Gunship popped into my head. I thought the AC130 has been around for a long time (For those who doesn’t know and/or curious: so it would be cool to design a new version of AC130.

My design looks nothing like the original, specially right now when I’m still working on the plane itself and there is absolutely no weapons yet. My design looks like a fighter jet actually with a pair of reversed wings but about the size of the original AC130. I figured the original is slow, so turning it into a fighter jet style will give it the speed the original doesn’t have. And I call it XAC 130


Hope you guys like what I have so far :slight_smile:

Nice. “I figured the original is slow” It is pretty slow, but that is also an advantage. It goes in long slow circles around the target, something other gunships can’t do.

Yea would be great if its fast and could fly circles in shorter time :slight_smile:

Here’s the update by the way:

cool cool however
this sux quite a lot.

hmm how does it suck though, the style of this segmented hull? Might help if you actually explain