Next-Gen ATX-PC

I was working on this project for a while, and it’s in limbo now. It could be fun to post it here thou. I have no time to finish it now, maybe in the future.

The main goals was to design next-gen PC form factor that can fix ATX form factor peculiarities. The aim was the best airflow to small-form ratio. The cherry on top is '90 vibe with beige casing. There is a lot of weirdness in this project, like this baby size dual-PCIe-socket GPU at the back. Most of the parts are modeled from references, the rest is designed from ground up.

The board in theory can take up to Threadripper size CPU, 8 sticks of RAM, 6 NVMe and 6 SATA drives and one proprietary form factor GPU. All major components have proper fin heatsinks including VRMs, chipset and 4 NVMe’s. All slots and sockets are placed on a PCB in parallel to airflow, so there is as less aerodynamic friction as possible. There is a place for 10 fans - 6x100mm + 4x80mm. The case is so compact, that there is no distinction between component- and case-fans. All in a case that is 22x22x35cm in size. That is roughly between 1/2-1/3 of a standard ATX case.

The inspiration for this project was a research into PC business when I was building my own Blender machine.

Feel free to leave your feedback.

The initial design was with 3x200x200mm fans: