Next Gen Buick Riviera

You European types will have no idea what this car is :stuck_out_tongue:

I frequent a Riviera forum, sinc e I drive a 97, and we had a thread about designing a new Riv (not that Buick will last that long). Here’s what I came up with:

I’ve decided to start doing 3D again, and thought making a 3D model of my Riv design would be a good way to get back into it. I’m going to build my model with more realistic proportions, so I started out with a side view of the 95-99 model:

A few extrusions and divisions later and it’s starting to take shape:

More to come!

I may have to change the proportions so it doesn’t look so much like the 95-99.

II’m super-happy with where the front and the front 3/4 angles are now. The back 3/4 angle is the last problem area. I’ll get it worked out, but it’ll take a couple more days.

This is turning into a surprising exercise in subtlety. It’s amazing what a big difference little changes and creases make. Design features don’t have to be very pronounced to have a big impact - usually over-pronouncing a feature makes it look stupid, not cool.

Nice flowing mesh, nothing to crit yet. Keep working on it. :wink:

Almost done with the design part.

could we see it with subsurf on?

for a non “european type” car, it has a suspiciously aston martin-like front aston martin-like front

This little project is giving me a new appreciation for the Velite - the lines on the Velite are so simple, and yet it looks so good. I may have too many lines on this car. I think I’ll try a version without the, uh, rocker panel (?) line at the bottom of the door. As far as a new styling direction for Buick goes, IMO my version has a few advantages on the Velite. The Velite, with a different grill treatement and slightly harder edges, could easily be a Cadillac. Buick should go more curvaceous - and the brand should stay away from the uptight German feel Caddie’s going for in favor of the sensuality of Jaguar. Curves and round volumes. If I were working for Buick I’d have another go at it - this design doesn’t quite hit the spot. Maybe I can round off a few edges and make it happen.

traitor - Don’t be offended because I said I don’t think Europeans will know the Riv - AFAIK it was never exported to Europe. Only 100,000 were made, and most Americans don’t know it either.

The new Astons are somewhat similiar to the 95-99 Riv, and the Lexus SC 300/400, in the way the front fenders sweep in towards the grill. I’m not using Aston for inspiration. Ultimately there is a European influence - I think the 95-99 Riv is heavily inspired by the Jaguar XJ220. Others say it’s the XKE or XK8, but my design is only influenced by European cars insofar as the 95-99 model was.

I think I’m done with this project - I don’t like where the design’s going anymore. It doesn’t say “Riviera” to me, or my idea of what the next Riviera should be has changed.

If anyone wants to download the .blend file and see it in 3d, here it is.