Next-Gen Console

The Zevolution Ember! Got this idea of making my own console, so I eventually came up with this. It’s not done yet, will add controllers a logo and such as the time pass by.


I need some help on the boxart though, I don’t know how I apply pictures so they fit correctly.

example pic:

put the pic in the texture channel
Add an empty (from object mode)
Copy the name of the Empty
go to the “map input” bit for the texture
press “object” and paste the name into the box beside it
press shift-P to get the preview window up
scale, move, rotate the empty until it looks right.
do the material for the rest of the model.

Thanks, here’s an update (still without textures)

Step 1: Lose the default background
Step 2: Detail the controllers
Step 3: Never use a name that starts with z.

I like most of this render (particularly the Ember logo), but Zevolution? It needs a better company name (no offense if you’re planning to start a company called Zevolution). Keep the Ember part though. It sounds awesome.

I agree with Alden, though, the background NEEDS changed.
Even plain white would do.
Also, the name’s okay, but something like “Waisse’s Random Multimedia, inc.” would be better:D

Reminds me of a SEGA Genesis

Well, well, the name Zevolution goes way back, it is in fact two words that merged together. They were Zealous and Evolution. The name will be changed however, but not quite yet, I WILL detail the controllers more and yes, it reminds me too of sega genesis (except Sega genesis didn’t have a kick-ass glass lid like the ember)

Anyhoo, on to the update, added texture picture thingies for the two of the covers featuring the games: Dream’s Edge and Blaze Devil, two game which I actually have tried and failed to create due to lack of patience and resources.

lol sorry to say but that doesnt look nything like a next gen system, looks more like a cd player with a controler

kinda looks like one of those older systems (from the NES days)

wasnt there a sega system that looked alot like this

It’s what’s inside that counts, this baby has par example a 3.2thz processor and 2gb graphic card and, and… uhm… 2x2048 RAM! haha! ha! …ha…

Nah, just kidding, I know it looks like one of those old systems, might be because of the color, so I’ll try to play around with those a bit. And I searched for Sega and found this:

The controllers are being remade just so you know!

reminds of of a sega mega drive.

newest update:
The controllers is changed, I know, they look a bit like the SNES controllers. The console itself has changed color, so it shouldn’t rembember you too much about the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive or whatever.