Next-Gen Game-Level, 'Recall' Finalized in Unreal Engine 4. (Videos Included)

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Hey BlenderArtists,

Long time no see, I wanted to share this project with you. Final level build in the unreal engine, but Blender was used throughout the project.
By a team of second year student, myself amongst them. Everyone on the team did Modelling and texturing. Their main roles after that stage are mentioned in the credits of the videos. I myself did Art Direction, Quality Assurance and Cinematography.

We received a level design from another student and had to turn it into a professional product, while taking into account gameplay and performance within an industry simulation.
The level was themed after the movie ‘Total Recall’ (2012), and we got 180 hours per student in active production time in a team size of eight.

The level had to be presented to industry professionals twice, once for feedback on the geometry stage and once after the final product was completed.

Credits: Max Berends, Anastasia Opara, Jeroen van Dongen, Anna Richter, Loek Gijsbertse, Corne Willemsen, Baiba Gedrovica, Tim Paauwe.

Based on a level design by Tim Baijens
Feedback is always appreciated!


Wow, what a project! Tell yourself and the team you all did a really good job!

[Edit] -Link to Showcase works again. :slight_smile:

p.s. Thanks Ferrettank ^^

Wow,good job!!