Next Gen - Mia Su - Hair tips

I am trying to create the Mia Su cartoon from NextGen film

I have sculpted the head in blender and now I am trying to create the “real” look of the air using particle system.

I’m freaking out!! I’m in it for hours!!

Its very difficult to get that style … some different styles … :

Can anyone give me some tips to get the original style ?

For easier control over hair you can make separeted particle systems for each hair group. by hair group i mean those hairs that goes in the same driection and clups at the end.
With this method, your hair will be later easier to rig, as you can convert your hairs to separeted geometry.
If this character is for animation i highly recomend to make low res version of her hair with basic mesh, no particles, just so you can see the hair in the viewport realtime.

I was thinking the same “separated particle systems for each hair group.” … but this is always hard to do it! lol

Good point. Do you thing that they are using basic mesh instead of using particles?

Both. Particles for the render only and the basic mesh for viewport display. That’s how characters are made in Blender Animation Studio and I believe it’s the industry standard every else.
You could turn on simplify option and enable only 10% of all hair to speed up the fps but then the character would look bald and it will be difficult to tell if everything else is looking good. With basic mesh it is not the problem.

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Would love if someone of Tangent Animation studio like @Goranimation explain how they did it!
Do you know any link that explain better that approach ?

Well its just as simple as you disable viewport visibility for high res hair with particle system and disable render option on on the low res hair.
Here is a tutorial on hair rigging from the Blender Animation Studio. You need Blender cloud subscription for that though.

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I have blender cloud subscription active :slight_smile:
Thanks for all tips!!

I will post here my progress :wink:

My working in progress …

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