Next Gen. Military Armor, Vehicles and Equipment (Updated Every Day)

There is the plated all terrain motorcycle, the 55 cal sniper rifle and the Nanosuit from Crytek.

The final look will depend upon various references both realistic and fictional. But I will try to keep it balanced.

I will continue to polish this character until it looks the way I want it to.

Quality feedback needed. I need some tips on polygon modeling, metallic materials and animating.

**Update (03-17-2014):

Multi-Caliber CQB Rifle


I think it looks a little bit too boxy. Also I’m not sure whats going on with those hands?

Yes, the hands are a bit dark because of the texture as the model only use image textures. When I get an octa-core pc, I will use the high poly model instead.

I used a 3d model of a ruckus as a base. I haven’t finished the wheels yet.

The entire idea was inspired by the CNC3 Nod Attact Bike. I just made it the ruckus way.

I will add detail to the bike as much as possible.

There is the 6x6 APC

Yes it is a little boxy. I need to learn how to make it rounder

May I suggest that motorcycle needs edge splitting

Already working on it.