Next Gen NVidia GPU's - Turing based GTX 1180 rumors -

So rumours are out pointing to Q3 2018 release of upcoming Turning architecture. Again just a rumour, but this would bold well for the Nvidia Camp. A very nice boost over the GTX 1080 and potentially outdoing the Titan Xp (based on the rumoured specs)

If true, then we can expect significantly more information leaking out during the next few months.

If they don’t support OCL 2.0, i simply don’t care. Not a gamer.

Well CUDA will definitely be supported in Blender for time to come.

But overall, GTX 1180 should do great in CUDA oriented tasks

One thing to note though about rumors, is that what I have noticed is that they tend to be a bit less accurate the further out they are from the actual release.

Now the Ryzen rumors as of this month were pretty accurate in many cases, but then again they were made within a couple weeks of the official release. Nvidia Turing is not supposed to be officially unveiled for a few months yet.

i have to say - i am pretty happy with my two PCs running a 970 TI each :sunglasses: :rofl:

its cheap its fast - i got a trillion rays on my hands :sunny:

PS - sorry… just after writing this i saw that this post is very old… why is it in my “news”? oh man sry for diggin this up…