Next Generation Blender Game Project (ogre or crystal space)

I would like presenting some screenshots that im woking on.
(more screenshot to bee soon)
This project is planned to Next gereration game engine for blender.
The main purpose this project is to create and use the recently technics like
glsl shaders, shadowmap width the latest integrated multi uv set in blender 2.43 and disscusing about what kind of new features needing and to would be implementing the next version of blender.

features request:
-Tangent space normalmap baking
-more glsl shader features (i.e. multi passes and more samplers)
-enable all texture channels in TextFace mode with GE blender materials (on) and enable for glsl.

This project would like to use:
-glsl shaders via (in blender or (ogre) echo or crystalspace)
-bullet physics


ambient occlusion bake for character:

ambient occlusion bake for building:

simple shadowmap no AO:

3 color shading view for character (painted with multi resolution mesh):

wireframe for building:

color texture for character:

baked normalmap from high to low poly:

shadowmap uv use multi uv set:

baked color map uv for character:

baked normalmap:

nice stuff, i’ve been playing around with that stuff too, but that type of normal map doesnt work in the game engine, i forgot if its tangent or object space maps that work, but I know the one where you bake it in 2.43 doesnt work in the game engine. If you want to make normal maps for the game engine, bake an ambient occlusion map, then convert that to a normal map with GIMP or Photoshop

your ambient occlusion map isnt needed as i see you all ready have ambient occlusion in your color map. it might look a little weird with two AO passes

but otherwise it looks like great work!

wish i could be that good lol

You need to get some of those textures to 512*512 for the BGE and most GE’s in general :wink:

I’m really interest to see how well those maps are going to work out on your model. Setup some lights and use the render to give us preview.

yes the only usable normalmap for GE is the Tangent normalmap for deformed and moving object this normalmap (world space) only good for non movable object i think.
I hope in the next release or in the next testing build have a Tangent normalmap baking options :slight_smile:

here is the fast render on the low polygon:
without normalmap:

with world normalmap (not Tanget)

Man without ‘stick’ - not man :frowning:

u thinking about a low poly ‘stick’ ? :slight_smile: but this character will have a dress so dont be afraid never to emerge :wink:

lol, yeah, i think it wont be a problem for this character… :eyebrowlift: