I’m a reasoneable person - if you (or anyone for that matter!) has a problem with something that I say, do, or express - PM and I will more than oblige - it’s funny, on this site you can go from getting compliments gallore to getting flamed and criticized! Like i’ve always said though - i take everything in stride - just my strides are getting shorter… :stuck_out_tongue:

no hard feelings… :wink:

Personally I think Blender will end up as the number one 3d tool for most
people as it have total freedom and not controlled by commercial interests alone.

The programmers follow their wishes and their instincts on how a 3d package should
be according to their world - and eventually they will end up being right.

I’m an animator educated in the traditional 2d-hand drawn animation…and
I too have several wishes for the directions of Blender, but the best effort
that I can do. …is probably to contribute code myself - when - I reach that far
if I reach that far that is :slight_smile:

keep on coding coders - you’re on the winning streak.


Come on Endi, I don’t know you this way. What happened to you?
You aren’t the person which you was a long time ago.

Did you found another application to model 3d stuff, and now try to do with sarcasme topics point us on the fact that blender is for noobs?
I don’t know but each time your posts and replies get a way more anoying then the last one, and each time I’m thinking you’re not Endi but someone who took over his account. :expressionless:

have you seen some of the beurocracy within the Blender development circle?

its not such a true statement to say that if you code it, it will get in.

basicly the fact that its open source doesn’t mean that the “official” blender will be the one that you get your features in, it mearly means that you can edit your own stuff for your own personal use.


Weird statement.

I thought this was an artists forum. Can all ‘normal’ people please leave?



Why do I get the feeling that someone’s been at CG-Talk and only seen the very best lately? Like that warrior created with Maya, also asked about at Offtopic chat!? Bah! hair is the only thing Blender can’t do on that picture. COME ON! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

But sadly, it’s quite important one, since realistic rendered hair, as I understand the technology, require multiple major features not found in Blender yet.

I think hair is just splinecurves and shader(s). Feathered edges on one piece of hair can’t be hard eighter. Thickness (and also perhaps semi-transparent) edges makes shadows.

Or is it hard to replace a mathematical line with a shader looking like one piece of hair?

When hair swing in the wind, the spline-curves have always the same length. Only the tip of the hair follows a pattern if wind is turbulensed. If softbodies can be made hair can be made. Just a matter of time.

I don’t mean that hair is easily created for Blender, but so much advanced things exist already. Hair could be made to act like 3d sprites, pictures. But all of you certainly knew this already. %| %|

Lets not mix up the issue. It’s about GUI, not What-You-Do-i.
Stating that blender can do the same as maya except for the hair is a bit silly. It’s the amount of effort that the user has to put into it getting the image done is what counts.

hi endi!
I love the first and second picture too. Do you work on these GUIs? I can’t wait to try it, especially the Maya-looking version.
Good work, man!

That must be some goooood weed you are smoking there :wink:

Endi’s style has definately degraded, kinda like when jedi japan got into black fox’s or whoevers account and he started posting things like “hte picvs’ r basd” (The pic’s are bad)

I definately think it’s drugs 8)

yeah, this is very weird :expressionless:

A hacker hired by Alias Wavefront is endi now! :wink:

yeah…but dont smoke to mutch son,that can make your brain…hmm…like now :stuck_out_tongue:

I know what you mean Alltaken, but I also think that has got something to do with
structure. I follow their progress on a day to day basis (lurking and compiling in the

If you (and me & others) aren’t happy with the results - we are free to develop and
release our own “blend”. We’re also free to update our own blend with the current BF-
blender if we so should desire. I don’t see a problem with a “parallel” Blender developing
into another direction - the strongest and most popular “blend” will survive.

Myself…I’m nowhere capable of developing my own “blend” yet - so far I’ve come
to compile linux applications and Blender and a few “first-steps” in python, but I guess
a “need” for certain things makes an wannabee-artist like myself desperate enough to
learn coding and start doing stuff on my own.

Seriously Endi, if your interested about Blenders development check the mailinglists, participate in the IRC- meetings, make some sense.

I have the right to say this to you because I’ve used Blender longer than you. (valid argument in your childish spawn of today’s point of view)

I know what you mean. LOL!


You are all a bunch of sticks-in-the-mud.

The all mighty Nayman has spoken.