(Torque) #1

What does every body think of the Graphical quality of the latest games ?

How about HALO or PROJECT GOTHAM on the XBOX ?

Great design and texturing or what ? 8)

(Ecks) #2

Doom3 will rock but I cant imagine what computer you will need to play it! :-? but you should move this topic to off-topic forum…

(SGT Squeaks) #3

Doom 3 totally looks sweet!! :o . And I think an awsome game that should get made is Aliens Vs. Predator 3 with the doom 3 engine. Now that game would be truly terrifying. buts that just my wishful thinking. :smiley:

([email protected]) #4

Hi Torque,

if wanna play your own blender games on the X box:

I know i`d really like to take a stab at it, when the release
becomes abit more mature

(who know`s there may even be a linux/x_box release with
blender and gimp included in the distro :wink: )


(metalmesoly) #5

Final Fantasy X looks like the best looking game till now…

(Torque) #6

Doom looks great and its coming out on XBOX, that fat guys just asking for it , isnt he ?

Blender on XBOX ? that would be good, i wonder if the graphics quality will ever be up there though, HALO has to be the best Graphically
would you agree, i love the Beach on level 4.
Shibuya bus terminal in Project Gotham Racing 8) looks unbelievable too.

(wiensta) #7

tbh, havent seen any major improvements in so called “next generation games”. Its mostly the same kind of nerds using the same rubbish storylines with the regular tripe design and animation. The only thing improving is the speed of home computers/Consoles. The only decent PC games recently have been things like Grim Fandango, Quake 3, Halflife, MGS to a small extent B&W and severance, and most of those arent even “recent”, but have simply made the biggest leaps in the entertainment values of games. True, I havent played every game that came out in the last 5/6 years, but Im judging by what I have, the term “next generation games” should really be called “next generation hardware capabilities”. spose it doesnt really have the same ring to it :).

(SGT Squeaks) #8

but you have to admit that doom 3 looks a lot better than the current games. I think doom 3 is really a leap in game graphics.

(valarking) #9

it will run at approx. .2 fps on my computer. id always releases resource hogs that make the assumption that all of the gamrs will pgrade their computer for that game.

(digitalSlav) #10

doom will knock your socks off and so will unreal tournement 2003! it rocks, too bad a gforce 4 is a necessity if you wanna see all the glitse like every little rock at your feet. cubic maps rock! and if you are a painball fanatic like myself you will enjoy all the grass! they really modeled almost everything in this game from brick to brick tile to tile it’s a 3d dream.

(SGT Squeaks) #11

When doom 3 comes out your going to have to upgrade your computer to play the other games. Id sort of sets the bar. I mean look at UT:2003 basically a Gforce 3 is required to play it. And I am sure a bunch of games will be made with the doom 3 engine. I mean look at quake 3, a bunch of games were made with that engine when it came out. Like Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Medal of Honor, Soldier of Fortune 2, American mcgee’s Alice, anachronox, Jedi Knight 2, and Fakk 2. I am sure that all game engines are going to have high graphics just to keep up with the new games.

(digitalSlav) #12

UT:2003 runs great with my gforce 2 - we aren’t that mighty… yet.

(SGT Squeaks) #13

whats your computer specs? Just curious. :smiley:

(digitalSlav) #14

pent 4 1300, 384M pc 800 RAM, gforce 2, sound blaster live!, windows xp professional