Next generation particles motion?....


I tried to find the answer on Wiki, forum archives, but without success…

Maybe someone here can help me as my question is basic:

I do not understand what are the rules for motion of particles of next generation:
in all cases, the next generation particles seem to have a constant speed much greater than the speed of the parent particle at the time it died :eyebrowlift2: - it does not seem to be ruled by Motion parameters :mad:

In my case, I would like next generation particles to be driven by sames rules as very first generation. Isn’t it possible? I’m sure it is…but I am doing something wrong…but what?

Thanks for help.

It really depends on whether you’re using Int or Grad. A Keys value of about 50 is a good starting place and use only Texture for Velocity (you can use the same texture for all generations). For both Int and Grad though it depends on the Texture linked to the Material that each Generation uses.


Thanks Fligh.

You’re right: having increased the Keys number, the behavior of my particules was much more like I was expecting. In fact, my problem was a so poor interpolation because too few keys that I couldn’t see the Force effects on my particles.

Thanks for Texture velocity too, I will explore that way!