Next version Render Baking!
Ya heard it here! Render baking! Normals AO whatnot. Not render passes, but I still have faith :smiley: And Render baking is KEY to speeding up Games and tests and render times in general…
Sweeeet! And thank you coder team!

I don’t understand, what’s render baking?

Man i was hoping for light baking, but this just seems to be for texturing games. Or maybe cheating on a lazymans AO

oh… didn’t you see the advantages of that?!?

eg: you can bake the ao to the texture and don’t have to calculate it during rendering… the same with shadows and lightning etc.


Is there a wip build with the feature somewhere?

Yea but everything has to be UV mapped in oder to do that, so its a kind of a cheating way of doing it, i was hoping that would actually store the lighting data.

Here´s a build I did some minuts ago with all the new stuff, have fun

I am really happy to see render baking as an integrated feature. You can use Archimapper script to unwrap your mesh if you are feeling lazy by the way. :wink:

Fonix_Wircs: You may find separating your lighting to separate render layers useful. It gives extra control over your lighting. Just use Screen (under Mix) nodes with Color Ramps to alter your setup. I am sure there are other possibilities also.


I was dreaming on this for long time. To shorten the render times of some videos, and to do impressive real time presentations. When we could use backing with other external renderers it would be more greaaat eveen!

finaly an AO baking that is great! this way we can also quickly create dirt maps and safe them so we do not have to rerender it all the time!


I know how to use the the node and sequence editors ;), as far this feature goes: when you have a scene with 300 objs, it isnt practical to UV map them all, and even have to remap them if you edit them at all. Yes it would be great for single obj work and such, and im also glad to see this for creating norm maps and texture maps. I was hoping for actual baked lighting, not just a texture trick

of course, it has to be uv-mapped, so that a texture knows where it’s to place…

but i think it will go the way the tangent-space-normals had: first just for uv-mapped, then for every meshes…

a default-mapping would be great for that…

This is awesome! It’ll help people with lowend computers like me render faster.

Yes Great!!!

Now… is there yet a way to take a hi-res/detailed mesh and bake that onto a lower poly mesh??? Assume you only want to worry about unwrapping the low-ploy mesh…


i think that is possible. thats also the way they create those great looking textures for game designs.

Yes it is possible. I made a very quick test and it gave me some poor results (my settings are maybe wrong…).
I took a suzanne mesh, and sculpted her. Then I baked the normal map and applied it to the low-poly suzanne mesh. Here is a screenshot :

Actually… I heard it here.

This is great feature!!!

Woohoo, no longer a need for me to update BRayBaker, it’s time to put that girl to bed then :wink:

I’ve been hoping someone would code it for a long long time. excellent work, can’t wait to get my hands on it and spend a few hours experimenting.

I’m going to cry (snif)…

At last I’m able to produce pretty real-time models directly from Blender!