Nexuiz (Fully Opensource 3d game) needs developers, could you help?

Hi. I was wondering if you would be interested in helping out a opensource game called Nexuiz. It’s a quake based game that has had a number of releases over the years and uses quake C for it’s game code and regular C for it’s engine code as it uses the darkplaces engine. Most things are good with it; it supports bump and normal mapping and reflective shaders, texture blending shaders etc (though it doesn’t support fur shaders yet). The maps are well made and have good flow. All of it, including the art and maps and models, are GPL. It even has a fork of GTK radiant and q3map2 as of a month ago now tailored to it’s specifications. I enjoy making maps for the game, it permits the creation of everything from space junk to nice accurate castles… and supports PNG (in addition to TGA and jpeg) as a texture format… which I like because thats what I use to make my own textures (which are all GPL aswell).

The one problem is that it now has only one main developer (divverent) and about three part time contributors. Div has alot of pressure on him and needs help. As it is now he does both most of the quake C additions and the engine adaptions. Nexuiz needs more quake C and normal C coders (and could use a modler, animator, and all that jazz too). I myself make about one map per month or two for nexuiz (I’ve made 24 so far) but I can’t code in either of the languages (I’m a perl coder) and it’s difficult for me to wrap my head around quake C as it’s so diffrent for me. I also make some (GPL) music from time to time so I guess I’m more of an “artist” than anything else. Anyway, this is a pretty advanced game as far as opensource releases go, I was wondering if you or anyone you know of could lend a hand.

Note: Their website is and There are some videos, download packages (including source in the zip), and a forum. The game runs on linux, windows, and mac (and recently div ported gtkradiant to the make system and removed unneeded dependancies so that will be able to be ported everywhere too).

Thanks for reading this