Nexus 7 & Ubuntu

Has anyone installed Ubuntu on a Nexus 7? I was wondering if you guys were able to run Blender and other standard Ubuntu software like The Gimp on the tablet, or whether the CPU prevented you from doing that.

Running the blender android port on a nexus 7, don’t bother unless you have fingers like cocktail sticks. I cannot understand why anyone would want to run either blender or gimp on such a small screen with such unoptimised interfaces, total waste of time unless you get off on frustration.

I tried, got the "wrong architecture “ARM” " error that I did when I tried to install InkScape.

Why would you want to run Blender on an Nexus 7?
Well, I run Blender on my Asus Aspire One Netbook for modeling on the public rail system. That has a resolution of 1024x600, which is cramped, but far from unusable. The nexus 7 has a screen res of 1280x800, which is the same as my 13inch laptop. Granted, I have very good eyes, and an external mouse and keyboard, but the screen size is nearly the same as my netbook, with the pixel real-estate of my 13in laptop, and a battery that lasts over 8 hours under heavy use (netbook lasts 5, laptop lasts 2-3), and the latest Nvidia Tegra chips support CUDA (GPU renderer), which vastly increases render times with Cycles. I also wouldn’t mind the extra processor when net-rendering from work using wifi direct. In short, there are a lot of reasons why you might want to run Blender on a tablet… in fact, I have a harder time thinking of reasons not to. :wink: Yea, the touch interface is going to suck, but Nexus 7 supports USB OTG, so you can plug any peripherals you like into it for delicious Blendering goodness with maximum portability.

I’m going to try again in a month, maybe see if I can compile it for ARM, but I hope somone with more experience in that beats me to it. :wink:

Oh, PS- The GIMP works, as it is included with the installer. It is very very slow, however. lol

I’m imagining myself being locked in a dirty cell with nothing but a roll of toilet paper and a Nexus tablet, sobbing as I try to move vertices around with my sausage fingers. My hair is going gray just thinking about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand why people waste the money in toys instead of powerful computers and graphics cards.

Because its there, like mountains. Never understood why people climb mountains, just to have to climb down again. I do understand the appeal of a powerful, light weight, super high-res, paper-white, A4 tablet with stylus, integrated multi-user server/data support and streamed rendering though. A proper tablet designed for content creation is certainly on my wishlist and any developments in that direction has my full support. Still prefer doing most of my ‘art’ old school on dead trees with a pencil, on my couch in front of the TV.

why ? simple

because they are not toys. They are weaker but super serious modern tools.

Extremely portable, much more direct than using the mouse. I cant wait for blender to arrive on my Gallaxy note.

Well, it looks like its been about six months since this post was re-visited… and I would like some assistance in this topic.

I am currently obtaining a Acer Iconia a210 10.1 inch tablet and am planning on unlocking, rooting, and flashing it to run Bodhi linux. I would love to have help with getting it to compile under the ubuntu 12.04-based distibution if anyone has any ideas on how to go about that.

I am planning to also use Mypaint and gimp directly on the touch screen if I can too.

I have got the OS porting part covered… I need your guys’ help with the programs I want to use.

Here are the specs on this monster tablet:

Quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor @ 1.2 ghz (and yes, I am working with the Bodhi Linux team on a custom image for that one)

12-core ULP Nvidia Geforce Graphics card.



USB 2.0 port (I am planning on placing a hub here)

and a 10.1 inch 1280x800 XGA capacitive touch screen (I am going to configure the touch screen to be the main HID for blender and others)

Here are the system requirements for Bodhi for your nergasming pleasure :eyebrowlift::

300mhz CPU (PAE or non-PAE)


2.5 GB Disk space

I am happily waiting your responses. Thanks in advance!

128 MB of RAM?
That sucks man!

2.5 GB of Disk?
That requetesucks man!

Yes. Serious and modern…