Nexus PBR Shader beta (working great with SP/D)

(Floki) #1

Hi guys I want to share with you my shader (there are similar (kind of) shaders in blender market, but mine has few more features, and thus a better results (i can be biased, though since it free (donations are optional, if you want to support the project) you can test it on your own).

All materials on this pics were done with Nexus PBR shader (except for glass); textures were created in Substance Painter.
This PBR shader allows you to export materials from Substance Painter to Cycles with texture maps that were created in SP (the values in PBR shader were tuned to provide maximum similarity to SP values, e.g. roughness 0.5 in SP is equal to roughness 0.5 in PBR shader, metalness 1 in PBR is equal to metalness 1 in SP, etc). You have opportunity to create similar materials in Cycles procedurally with some additional values that should help you in adjusting of material. Some options were included in this node preset to help you with creating custom materials(non-existing in real world, for artistic purposes).
Manual and additional features/tuning will be edit on request. Consider this 0.9 version =)
Any critique/feedback are welcome and help us to develop this project. Cheers. ([email protected])
Here link for download

(rattle-snake) #2

Wouaw amazing !
Thank you very much Floki, I will test it in a next project :slight_smile:

(Spirou4D) #3

Fioki, yu’re an Angel!
Very good work. Congrats:eyebrowlift:
Soon I will test it…

(raziel_henzo) #4

Very very cool

(Floki) #5

Thank you, really appreciate your reaction. If you have any negative expirience or dissapointed with some features/values, you can describe it, i’ll try to fix it. This version is still beta and horizon smooth seems to be broken (it works, but not in the way i expect it).
Soon I will add new version with some fixes and additional options.

(Moizen) #6

Hi!, I’ve made some tests on a personal project, it works great. even when I’m a completely noob using substance, I just set Non Color Data on the greyscale maps before connect it to the nodes and a little tweak over here and there. Thank you very much! :smiley:

(Floki) #7

Great that you found a use for this Shader! BTW here promo video where I used this shader a lot!

(comeinandburn) #8

That integrates so well with the footage, what amazing materials and compositing. Well done!!

(Floki) #9

Thanks! Glad to hear that! I hope we will be able to finish this big project :slight_smile:

(CarlG) #10

I make my own stuff so not a customer, but curious; what’s it supposed to do? I googled it but couldn’t immediately find anything related. Any reference papers mentioning this?

(Romanji) #11

I just plop my Substance-generated textures in and they work?
большо́е спаси́бо!

(Floki) #12

Horizon smoothing is a nice option for the adjustment of gloss rim in the corners of your object. U can find it in Marmoset Toolbag.