is up! (Free Textures!)

Hey everyone, I just finished getting my site up. It’s a little bare right now, but I have some free textures on there right now (everyone loves free stuff). I’m actually working on more textures to put on there so keep checking back. I’m trying to get some more models to put up, but everything I have done so far is under NDA and I can’t share yet… I think I am going to make some random environment objects available for download also. What do you all think? And what else would you look to see on there?

Cool site, and yes I like free stuff and simple websites. One thing ( and this may be because i haven’t woke up completely yet), as I was reading your Bio, I kept thinking where are the art links. Took me a minute to realize that the big 3D Art and Programming titles where links. LOL. You might want to add simple text links at the bottom of the page for other caffeine deficient morning viewers.

Nice site. Not a lot of time consuming eye-candy (that’s a plus for us dial-up users :smiley: )

Reads like a resume. On that note, you might consider rewording your blurbs about “unfinished work.” Kind of difficult to convince someone you can get the job done when your website says “I lost the file! Guess this one won’t ever be finished.” or “Maybe I’ll finish this…if I ever find time.”

“Man I made in Zbrush…then I lost the file! Guess this one won’t ever be finished. The weird looking texture on his face is caused by the subdivision of the triangles he was made up of. That Red Wax material in Zbrush picks up the tiniest imperfections, its great for catching mistakes.”
This one says: oops, I make mistakes and loose important files.:frowning:

“Modeling test in Zbrush. The texture on his face is caused by the subdivision of the triangles. That Red Wax material in Zbrush picks up the tiniest imperfections, its great for catching mistakes.”
This one says: I do experiments and tests, and figure out ways to catch my mistakes. :smiley:

Thanks for the tip. I probably shouldn’t have done that, I wasn’t thinking hehe. Those unfinished projects were just me messing around (except for the church) so I guess I didn’t take them seriously. I guess I should though. Thanks again!

And thank you DichotomyMatt for the suggestions. I was worried about people not realizing that those were buttons. I wanted to keep the site as simple as possible, its my art and programming people want to see, I didn’t want to confuse them with too much eye candy. Plus, I just wanted to do something different. I’m glad that it works for the dial up users, those buttons were pretty hefty in size, but thats as low as I could go without the JPEG compression making them look like junk.

Looking nice. Hope everything works out for you.

Bookmarked. I’ll check in occasionally.

Oh, that ‘mailto:’ on the index page? It’s just asking for spam. You might want to consider a ‘Contact’ page with a text entry box or something.

I thought that too. I’m going to let it go for a little and see what happens. I made it an image to try and trick them but it probably won’t do anything haha.

On a side note, does everyone think the layout is ok? Should anything be changed, added, removed, etc… And Request textures you’d like to see added. I am always looking for ideas!

You should give it some padding on the left, or better yet, change your page to center dynamically, like the way most modern websites do. And your huge titles at the top greatly overpower the small type on the rest of the page… Not particularly reader friendly. Also, like somebody mentioned, the navigation is not very discernible. I’d suggest taking a look at a site like for different examples of CSS styles and layout.

Thanks, roofoo. This is the first time i actually used layer instead of tables so I’m still learning how to work with them. I wasn’t sure about that topper, thats why I put this up here, I knew you would have great ideas for me.

Cool image, is this game like battle tank 3d ? I happen to like that game. You consider using Crystal Space or Ogre 3d for the linux platform ?

I’m not following you?

I’ll be a regular at this site. Cheers man.

Thanks guys. I am working on some low poly stuff to have available for download right now. I want to add more textures though, I know we have the blender material site, but I think we need a good place for textures. Any models you’d like to see added to the site, I need some ideas?

and then yours …
for textures. I would mind having more seamless freeware textures.
Thanks for your work man.