Ngons in hard surface

Hi there, a noob question here. I have this image from artstation from Robert Hodri, i am wondering how did he made those panels in his model, i guess he has a lot of ngons there ? i red somewhere that there is a way to triangulate ngons and then turn them into quads ? Or in this case there is no need to remove the ngons ? Can you recomend any tutorials on something like this ?

what makes you think this model has a lot of n-gons?

Is there an other way of modeling this ? i mean to avoid ngons ? it seems to me like it was made using boolean operations/addons.

Ah it seems :smiley: probably no, not even one. if this is a game asset there will be just as minimum polygons as possible and this impression of lots of modeling will be done with vector maps and bump maps. The base shape of this model looks pretty easy on contrary.

Oh got it, you mean normal and height maps ?

I don’t see any problems with planar ngons, which are not supposed to bend during animation. Make inset for hardening normals or use custom normals. At the end you can triangulate ngons if it is necessary.

Oh yes, sorry, normal maps not voctor.