Simple question… Is the highlighted face in this image an ngon?

1 vertex = .
2 vertices = edge
3 vertices = triangle
4 vertices = quadrangle

n vertices = n-gon = polygon

You have a pentagon. :stuck_out_tongue:


I couldn’t just post a simple answer and say only “yes” because there is a minimum character limit.


I guess I have to say more than “okay” too, then.

So perfectly square/rectangular faces with 5 or more vertices connected to it is still an ngon… Hmmm.

Cant say yes or no, its in face mode and can be splitted face with 4 vertices or 1000 vertices.

5+ vertices in a face is the definition of an n-gon. When rendered it converts to quads or tris which can have unexpected results. Pros and cons for n-gons and poles, just keep them limited, no 20 sided n-gons.

So then the face in the image I posted, which can obviously be converted by Blender into quads, poses no real problems then?

I’m just thinking that it would be unnecessary to worry about this sort of ngon when Blender will easily divide it down anyway. Why do extra work when Blender will do it for me?

On the other hand, something that isn’t easily converted will cause Blender to have to work out how to divide it, causing more calculations = more lag time and memory requirements, etc.

Ngons with flat faces are very often misunderstood areas if you want good shadings, people wants to use smooth shading and then they have no idea how to divide ngons to get good shadings (almost realistic). Most often flat areas needs flat shading no matter ngons/tringles/quads. With smooth shading it needs knowledge of support edges position and even then, reflections are not correct nearby face corners.

Okay, I don’t really understand what you’re saying, but you mention flat surfaces… I understand that with flat surfaces, ngons don’t really matter to Blender, I guess this is because the calculations are much simpler.

It (ngons with flat surfaces) indeed matters when using smooth shading, with flat shading not.

Yes and No, Blender can’t easily convert ngons to quads, unless it is a simple shape and therein lies the problem, there is no convert ngon to quad button, with your above image it is simple (triangulate faces, convert tris to quads) but for non basic ngon shapes e.g.

there is no automated option, you have to use combinations of conversions and/or modifications to divide it, but no magic bullet.
I like the Snap Utilities addon, quicker than knife for multiply joins (I always thought knife cutting is wrong terminology, knife dividing really)

So I apply flat shading on flat ngons (and other flat surfaces). Can/do I apply smooth shading on just selected faces?

Yes in edit mode, select faces and set smooth/flat shading.