ngplant christmas tree branch alignment problem

Dear all,

I was looking to create a christmas tree (or how I imagine this particular one ;)).
I have the following structure


  • branches1 (growing away from trunk)
    – branches2 (orange in pictures, growing away from branches1)

I want the branches not to be aligned vertically like now, but parallel to the horizon, which basically means I would just rotate them all by 90°

My problem is, I have no clue how to do that.

Using the RevAngle or Rotation does not give the result I need. Especially RevAngle is used to rotate the branches around their parent, but I have not figured out how to rotate them so they all become parallel to the ground plane - entering 90° at least makes half of the branches like I want them but still the other half then is not what I want.

I even tried then, to reduce the Density in the hope that if I set Density to .5, every other wrong branch would have been taken out. But the program there is too intelligent for my own good and does again not do what I want it to.

Does anyone have an idea, how to solve this problem and get all the orange branches to be parallel to the ground plane?

In case you want to see the ngp file, I uploaded it here:

It is controlled by the Rotation angle of the branch before it.

Select Branch2 and go to Branching -> RotAngle:-

Thank you VERY much, organic :smiley: No idea, why I had not seen the effect of that setting before…

Now here is my christmas tree ngp for everyone to use as they please :slight_smile: Thanks to you it now looks much better already - though I am not yet happy with the needles-solution. Will experiment more for doing a nice christmas card :wink:

[ATTACH=CONFIG]123143[/ATTACH]ok i see a christmass tree with ngp
so i guess i need to download and isntall this ngp soft and then may be load this file and re save as obj to load up in blender

meahwile i found a fake tree here
see pic