ngplant importation

Hi there,how do I import the trees from ngplant into blender so that I can select different parts that were previously separate layers in ngplant?

Thanks :confused:

Google is your friend! :slight_smile:
There is a tutorial here that talks about using ngplant, making leaf textures, and importing into Blender.

It says ngplant exports to .obj format, so in Blender, go to File >> Import >> Wavefront (.obj) to import your trees.

Good luck!

:eek:Thanks for the reply, thats the tutorial I am following. However when you open the example tree, all the components are editable as separate parts. When I export my tree from ngplant, then import to blender I don’t get this. I was wondering which buttons to click, or if I was missing something from the import dialogue.

Sorry, not paying enough attention. :o

In this case, it looks like “Material” is the option you want. It’ll import each level of branches as a separate object, apparently with a separate material for each level. It’s odd that wasn’t covered in the tutorial… :confused: