Hi. Hope I post this at the right place this time:-) My problem is with ngPlant. After hours of testing and trying to understand the program.(Never used this sort of thing before) I finaly made a tree I’d like to use. But how do I import it to my Blender? I have read something about a and I have read the page But that’s not a step by step guide. And I do not under stand half of it:o And step by step is what I need. Can someone take time to explain it to me?

You export the way you would from most programs…

File–>Export To–>Alias Wavefront .OBJ

To import into Blender

File–>Import–>Wavefront .obj

Nothing too difficult.

yeeeye! That did it:-) Thank you for helping me. Never did this sort of thing before and are learning by my self from the