My most obsessive thing in the world is star ships. Being so I decided to create a few, my ultimate goal is to have a starship battle with fighters and smaller frigates. I know its going to take lot’s of time and skill with animation that I don’t have. With that being said I present my first ship, a carrier, the Niacron! It has no textures atm, but I will be fixing that when I learn how to better use textures. Enjoy, I will keep posting as I build more ships; fighters, frigates, ect.


Nice start, man. The front (bridge section I’m guessing) has a cool swoop to it… kinda reminds me of a falcon or condor. Where are you planning to put the hangar bays, out of curiosity? With the shape you’ve got (all sleek and angular), I was honestly thinking this was a fast attack vessel, but I tend towards blocky carriers myself.

Anyway, I’m just starting out with star ship design too, and it’s good to see another newb around. I’m looking foward to seeing where you go with this stuff. :slight_smile:

There are three block segments from the engine core to the swoop, where as you guess it the bridge is. That segment is the hanger bays, this carrier is designed to hold a minimum fighter/bomber fleet, it is designed to be quickly deployable.

Ok, added hanger bay’s going to start on turrets and the fighters, and bombers.
I wish I knew how to texture this, any help would be awesome.


Really good start!

You might want to get rid of the black line on picture 1. The normals on the mesh are flipped upside down and it will make the mesh look bad. This is a quick fix for it:

If you are in OBJECT MODE, choose the object, and go to EDIT MODE [Press TAB]
Press [A Key] to choose all verticles. Verticles should go yellow then.

Press [Control + N] and click on the button that says: " Recalculate normals outside "
( or is it just a shadow or glitch? )
and a quick tour to adding materials and textures.

Select your ship / object
Click on the button that looks like a ball in the buttons window. ( it’s the bottom window of your blender screen . )

Then click on the red ball icon at the buttons window. It is located just a bit left from the button you pressed earlier.

Now click add NEW button. It is located on the links and pipeline submenu.

After clicking you should receive a variety of new options available.

Here’s how to add some colour:

Click on the Material tab that appears after clicking the " ADD NEW " button which creates a new material.

Press the coloured square thingy near the " COL " button to get a nice window like in all painting programs, which allows you to choose a color. You can use the in this color window to get more colors.

I hope you understood now how to add colour… :smiley:

You can search google for " blender material tutorials " or something.
Or you can just go to Blender 3D homesite and choose tutorials. there are plenty of good tuts available.

Happy blending!

Awesome Info, thanks, I will get to textures once I have the fleet made, no sense jumping the gun. Now then, a new addition, a fully deployed fighter squadron. there is 30 fighters in the top bays and 15 bombers in the lower bays. Well I hope your enjoying this work in progress almost as much as I am making it!


Added a light and got a better picture on the little buggers. :eyebrowlift2:


Very nice. Your project looks really nice so far. Keep up the good work and don’ t lose inspiration for it.

After you’ve done enough with the ships you might start to add the materials ( firstly ) and read some texturing tutorials.

then you might want to set up space and create some planets :smiley:

I’m hoping to see what this project really looks like when it’s finished. It has a lot of great potential…

Her she is, the Niacron with half her fighters and bombers deployed in a bit of a parade formation. Enjoy! I have only 3 ships left to create then I start to work on the opposing fleet, once complete I will texture then the fun of animation begins.


So I finally figured out how to use the UV editor to place textures on individual faces! YEA ME!
So I textured the fighter, since it was the smallest and its about 30 minutes before I go to bed for work, enjoy!


Fast question , is there a way to add multiple textures to the same UV face?

Not sure about texturing. I am not that good myself at it. But you might want to try loading more than one image in the UV/Image editor. Never actually done it myself.

I was juts wondering. How many polys will it be after you get all the ships done?

Good Luck!

I have no idea, I was however going to use multiple scenes for the battle. So I can scale the ships appropriately, and give you a good view of the fighter action.

New question, when I attempt to use multiple materials to one mesh, the vertex face I selected for the second material becomes distorted. It’s almost as if the new material is trying to draw the textures on the face but stretch it to the entire mesh. What if anything could I be doing wrong?

~Bump~ Still no answer?