Nice 3D short

:smiley: Wonder if it had been done with Blender. Even if it wasn’t, it could have been though :wink:

Found it funny and inspiring…

The thread is here :

The artist doesn’t mention in the thread what software was used, but it’s highly doubtful that it was Blender. Not that Blender couldn’t do it, but the fact is that most film schools are training students with Maya / XSI / Max and Houdini, as those packages are what the industry is using.


Mike has a point.
It’s the same with everything. If the industry uses MS Word, they teach us how to use Word. If the industry thinks having an opinion is dangerous, we are punished every time we voice our opinion.
At any rate, I vouch for the increased use of Blender!

On his own site it says that he uses maya to create animations and also lots of adobe stuff :slight_smile:

Wow…that was tragically beautiful.

In the YouTube tags the author put “maya”…

And in the same vein:

The Monty Python version.

That… Was beautiful. I cried :frowning: The animation and concept were so awesome…

yeah that was a good animation, pity about the finishing quality of the render, but the rest was great.

i see the guy is from the US, and not from NZ (i wonder if he was originally)
the kiwi looked a little strange but oh well.

nicely done


Ahh, I saw it a few weeks ago. Nice. What a pity to find out Monty Python did it 20-30 years ago :frowning:


All-man?? I guess I’m an 'andyman.