nice blender pic, pure !!!!!

you guys gotta see to believe what blender & yafray can do

on the german blenderforum he said that the texture for the wood alone had 250mb and 60!!! layers

:o :o Definately photorealistic but I think it has to much DOF

60 layers is a little exsesive dont you think.

why whould you need more than 6

plus i thought blender could onlydo 8 layers of texture.

I’m working on a photorealistic study now :slight_smile: and I hope I can do that well.

I think he meant in Photoshop or The GIMP. And no, for that it isn’t excessive it allows fine control which is what you need if you’re making something that good.

That IS photorealistic! :o
And 60 Layers?! Wow…

60 layers in a PSD file is not really that much. My current colour map for the the skin on my Witch character is around 25-30 and I could definitley add more.

My Sebulba PSD file I know was around 40 layers for the colour map.


if asked, I would have fingered that for CG. Its damn good CG, but still CG.

I think the thing that gives it away the most is the excessive DOF. Its another one of those things (like AO and GI) that gets overused easily.

That really looks photorealistic, what’s really impressive is the extensive work on the wood texture :o

Very impressive!

It’s not photorealistic. It’s a good attempt at photorealism, but looks like cg.

60 is extreamly exsiesive whoever you are whatever program your useing.

I could just about understand 30 but after that your gonna forget why you started to do stuff it’ll become unmanagable.

(but then 2d isn’t my strong point (unless its vector work) )

slikdigit: I knew youd back me up.

the cork looks plasticky and personally, I think the wood does a bit too.

The cork is weird, and the dof is excessive, but other than that it is photorealistic.


Thanks, digital_me, for pointing those unmentioned things out for us. What would we ever do without you?

The wood texture looks good I think. No steve, 60 layers is a lot but not necessarily excessive.

WTHIGOH :smiley: :

I´ve never said that this picture is or should be photorealistic, neither in
this nor in this one. So please people calm down a little bit. This Pic was only for testing the
new features (Yafray-Plugin) in Blender 2.34 and meant as a “thank you” and
“cheers” to the developers, nothing more…

Bye, Olaf.

the wood looks good but for the rest special the background it is to much commen CG. some special things like caustics and color bleeding are missing.

Olaf - obviously some of the people here have never taken a REAL picture with a large F-stop and macro lens… ( - either that or they are just jealous. great work!

BTW: I don’t think he was looking for crits kids - mind your manners

When a work a is put on display, it is open for crit as well as praise.

I think everyone is being so critical because the post subject had the word “photorealistic” in it, so people will judge it with that in mind.

I think its a beautiful image.

Ok, I will give you that, but the point I was trying to make is that a closeup like that will definately give you a background that is at least that blurry… besides, olaf never said photo real - someone else did.

besides, crits can be presented in a nicer manner these were not presented in a very nice way…

Come to think of it it does have a CG feel to it, the glass doesn’t look entirely realistic, but it still has the looks of photoreal, speaking of caustics it really is missing that. But then again caustics aren’t obviously seen in all light conditions.