Nice Clean Subsurf Edges?

Ok, is there a way to make nice sharp edges without using slice to add an extra set of vertices?

And without the whole “Smooth Angle” thing.

Cuz like i mocked up a quick ship, and it has small turrets on it which have the same 90 deg angles as my cockpit holder, now the turrets need to look as they are and as subsurf makes them, nice and smooth. But the cockpit area i want to be nice and clean cut.

Any advice?

Also, is there a way to select a set of vertices and seperate them into another object from the object they are originally in?


I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but try shift-e for the subsurf edges (in edit mode, naturally).
As for the other part, just select the vertices you want to part, and press p.

You could try edge creases (shift-e) but to get a sharp crease you have to turn the subsurf up. I find that adding a knife cut of verts usually results in better render times due to the lower subsurf values required.