Nice deformation on rca cable

Hi, I’m trying to get a nice sharp curve on a RCA cable that I modeled. If I use a curve modifier to bend the cable I get bending of the entire object. If I use a vertex group to define the bending, It messes up the cable which I can fix by toggling stretch and bounds clamp. I still end up with an unsatisfactory deformation. Finally If I use a bend deform I get something that I think will work but I cannot deform the rest of the object.

any ideas?

Try putting curve’s origin and jack’s origin at the same spot, as well as starting the curve at that spot, and make a weight gradient on the jack so that there isn’t a sharp transition between deformation and no deformation. Should be usable then without Stretch or clamping.

Rig it with bones, weight paint, pose.

Hey, thanks alot for the reply. I think putting the origin at the beginning of the curve was the key I was missing. I had tried weight painting but there was not enough vertices to make the painting work, at least it looked that way. One thing I did notice was that if I put the origin of the jack where I want the deformation to stop it seemed to help. The thing is, I am trying to mimic a RCA cable I have that has been tied in a loop to stop it from unplugging and the part that comes directly before the ‘boot’ does not deform at all, so its a pretty sharp transition.


Thanks, yeah that was an idea I had, although I though I should use bendy bones to get a smooth curve. Before I had experimented with it but the bendy bones seemed hard to manipulate. This time I had a bit more luck, finding that if I set the object pivot to individual origins I can rotate the bones into a smooth curve. With my attempt the curve works better though.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

If you ever need a smoother transition, for the gradient you don’t really need weight painting when you don’t have many vertices, you can just manually assign the weights in the vertex groups panel. For example, 0.9 to 0.5 for the five edge loops at the end of influenced area. There’s still going to be a sharp transition between 0.5 and 0, but often it’s small enough as to not be critical.

Actually, I prefer to assign weights through VG’s. I will keep that in mind.