Nice destructive physics game

Everything is built out of physical objects and you can blast it apart appropriatly.

The goal is to capture all of the opponents flags by making them topple before he gets all of your flags, you get enough gold and you’ll unlock better castles, the opponents also ups his castle in every round.

Be great to remake in Blender’s game engine, since you don’t have to worry about overcrowding a single library of objects you could fill it up with exotic shapes.

This seems eerily familiar to a game I used to play on neopets a few years ago…

After a quick check, it seems that the sound effects are identical, and the UI is quite similar… They both even have you trying to hit a treasure chest. Neopets’ one has been up for several years, but this one just got added… Go figure.

Actually, I’ve played the game and I don’t remember a treasure chest anywhere in the gameplay. It has flags but no chest.

You try to capture the flags.

I saw what appeared to be a chest in the middle, but that could have been just me. But, the neopets one also has flags. Go figure. :-?

Oh, that’s not a chest, that’s the opponents cannon.

wow, thats really fun :smiley: . i could spend hours on that at school i bet.

I like this game. Someone should make it on blender…

(Don’t look at me, I don’t know python)

heheh, that thing’s sweet… one of those simple addictive games…

I’ve already mastered the game. I’ve conquered all of the castles though the last one took 10 minutes because 3 flags in the same spot got surrounded by debris and I couldn’t knock them down.

All I get is a brick wall.

I’ve been meaning to say this.

Someone said this should be done in Blender. You should realize the hard part would be making castles out of pieces and then selecting one to put in the main scene pieces and all. If you’re able to select the enemy castle same thing.

I don’t know if there’s a way say to build each castle in its own scene then move the pieces to the main scene and reconstruct the castle in the main scene.

Someone should make a prototype of this idea then other people can use it as a starter kit.

Same here :-?