Nice Espresso

What do you think of my Italian specialty ?

That’s the current version:

This was how it looked when I started to work on it today:

Feedback? Suggestions? Coffee anyone?

Looks more like mud than coffee. I’m not really good at telling people how to fix things like that :expressionless:
You might want to try adding a bit of reflection (I tend to use RayMirr, but then I learned on POVRay), and maybe put some bubbles in…

hmm, seems like there are no caffeine junkies in here
strange :wink:

Espresso is pretty opaque if it is made correctly. And has no milk :smiley:

That said, a tiny amount of transparency for the liquid might help. I can see a meniscus on the edge of the liquid and the cup and saucer look great.

I think the only thing really missing from the image is a bit of steam vapour coming off the top to give an indication of a hot drink. That would really top it off.


looks like some pretty disgusting espresso… where’s the crema?

Also, you might want to add a meniscus around the edge of the liquid, clear-> light orangeybrown->brown-> dark gradient. Maybe a little coffee froth, and a slight oily sheen to the surface.

Cup looks good, but the saucer, spoon and sugar needs a little… something. Maybe just different lighting, I dunno…


I’m also not to happy with the way the saucer looks. The model looks okay but it’s really hard for me to get some good lighting onto it. It just keeps looking plain and boring. Maybe I’ll spice up my model a bit to get a better results.

thx for all the feeback so far