Nice example of rigs and flexible UI

Hi, guys!

It´s just a shame that QuietDune is dying… I loved the qdune builds but - at least - we have a powerfull rib exporter (not just a exporter! ;)) with Mosaic. Congratulation WhiteRabbit!!!

But returning to the topic, have you seing this?

What a nice example of XSI´s rig features and flexibility! Maybe if Brecht is free from integrating Qdune into blender (ouch!) he might be checking with Ton this nice and beatiful example as inspiration for Peach.

Just rumbling becouse I love blender!!!


PS: I am/was a lightwave user. My blender-to-lightwaver exporter was almost done (with really nasty bugs and UGLY code) but Qdune seemed very nice (micropolygons always are ;)). Now with qdune dead I was almost crying but Mosaic put a smile back to my face. What Blender really needs now is a rethinking of animation tools, script integration and bringing back the old “ooh-ohh” wich Suzanne did! :yes: